Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary Needs To Learn The Art of Losng

I understand that nobody likes to lose. It’s almost Un-American. But something that is very distinctly American is sportsmanship, or in this case, sportswomanship. Hillary needs a lesson. Let me tell you how it’s done, Senator Clinton. Here goes.

Once the networks have called the vote as having gone in your opponents favor, you go to whatever venue is scheduled, and before whatever audience you have, say, “I’d like to thank the people who worked so hard on my behalf (in Wisconsin, for instance)—the volunteers who made calls and walked door to door (in the freezing cold, or snow, or whatever it is, wherever it is) to get out the vote. Thank You. And I offer my congratulations to Senator Obama for his victory in, “Wisconsin, Washington, Hawaii, (wherever).” Take a graceful moment to do this obvious thing. Then make your uninspired stump speech.

If someone in her campaign is telling her this little nicety isn’t necessary or important, they are doing her a disservice. If they are telling her to disparage his inspirational speaking style, they are wrong. If they are telling her to make light of Senator Obama’s message of hope and change, this, too, is a mistake. We desperately need hope. It’s about all we have left. And as for change, Senator Clinton, get ready. Change is coming.

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