Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Last Debate

Number twenty, but whose counting? Sad to say, I am. And with every debate I grow to like Hillary less. Sorry, Hillary. But I swear I can hear the echo of men across American saying, “Hillary, you’re a bitch!,” and I’m terrified no matter what you do or how smart you are, those men are not going to vote for you. That means in a general election we lose again. I can’t bear it. Please Senator Clinton, withdraw and get with the program of putting a history making Democrat in the White House. You’ve already lived there.

OK, I took notes, so here goes. Senator Clinton got the first question, and she chewed Brian Williams out for picking on her (my characterization about that exchange) and that’s the moment men across the land started groaning, and reaching for the remote control. Is this sexist, misogynistic? Probably, but it sounded like scolding, “Shame, shame on you!” It sounds like nagging. “Why do I always have to go first. I always go first, you never…….” Even to my ears. And I’m a woman. I heard my mother’s voice and I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it then, back in the day my mother was criticizing me, and I don’’t like it now out of the mouth of the woman who would be my President. You give her what you think she wants and she attacks you. Do I remember what the question was? No. I’d have to go back to my notes.

Oh hell, I think I’ll wing it. If it’s possible to drive the Democratic Party into a ditch, tonight’s debate is a good start. Barack Obama did have the best line of the night when Hillary was giving him a hard time about voting with her to fund the war once the war was going. He said “It’s one thing to help your friend pull the bus out of the ditch, but you helped drive the bus into the ditch.” Don’t quote me on that quote, since I’m not reading from my notes. But the big news tonight was Russert’s questioning Clinton about wanting to withdraw a vote, and she finally admitted that she would like a do-over on that vote. It came close to saying “I was wrong.” But I want to hear her say it, “That vote was a mistake. I shouldn’t have voted that way and I apologize.” No more parsing words.

Barack Obama was charming, smart, well informed and always graceful on every question, every rebuttal. He does not lose anything. But we are tired of this primary race. We really have chosen our candidate and now all this petty bickering about the details of each other’s health care plans. Bla, bla, bla. I’d rather read it on your web site. Don’t bore us into a stuporous coma now, we just got fired up.


K McKiernan said...

Hi, Utah,

We seem to have a lot in common. I guess one thing we do not have in common though, sadly, is an admiration for Hillary and a desire for her to get the nomination. Regarding your comment about her coming across like a bitch... two things. One, did you see Tina Fey on SNL talking about that very word? You must see it; google it when you have a second. Second, is it not peculiar or ironic to say the least, that when a woman tries to fight or be assertive in most any fashion, that label of bitch comes way too fast and freely... even from those who are so well aware of gender issues and constructions?!?

Also, you say she needs to learn how to lose graciously. This nomination is not locked. The media may construct it as locked, but they are a mere 100 or so delegates a part. That is not a lock for either candidate. If she does not win Texas and/or Ohio, it will be all but over for her, but if she wins them, I think its is Barack who needs to bow out graciously... for she will have far more of a delegate lead than he currently has and with this sparse lead, everyone thinks he has the mandate--ha! Obama is swell...and in a few years, with more experience, I could certainly rally around him. But I refuse to be a part of a construction to push him ahead as "the uniter" when rhetoric only gets us so far. We need a fighter, and we have one in Hillary.

Onto something we agree on. I absolutely loved In the Valley of Elah and cannot believe Tommy Lee was the only nod it was given at Oscar time. Sigh.

Take care...

sitenoise said...

@k mckiernan - I think Utah's point is more phenomenological than accusatory. The label 'bitch' does come fast and furious (to women as much as men). It's a problem. We can't make it go away any time soon and that is precisely why it is a problem for Hilary.

What say you, Ms. Savage?