Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mitt Endorses McCain

For what it’s worth, and I doubt it’s worth much, Mitt Romney has endorsed John McCain today. Big whoop-de-do!

Mitt Romney is the current Patron Saint of Utah. He got at least 85% of the Republican primary vote here. Mormons are nothing if not obedient. They do what their Bishop tells them to. But they might have a hard time transferring their support for one of their own, to a man like McCain, with the same kind of religious fervor. Mitt is just the kind of guy Mormons love to love. He’s so clean-cut, so wholesome, so handsome, and he stands for virtually nothing but making piles of money. He is their kind of guy. But McCain isn’t. So what’s a Mormon to do? Stay home come the general election, is my guess. Unless he’s John’s VP.

McCain scares me. I admire his strong survival instinct. That he managed to merely stay alive long enough to be released from a Vietcong Prisoner of War Camp after the war was over says a lot about his will to live. But it is not possible that this long and terribly traumatic experience left him psychically whole and mentally healthy. I’ve always believed that John McCain suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. And I’m more convinced than ever that his support for the war in Iraq is a stand-in for refighting the war in Vietnam. He was so damaged by his experiences as a prisoner of war, that he can’t let go. His status as a war hero is secure, but he is too wounded and too old to lead this nation as it’s President. And he will lose his maverick status if he kowtows to the right -wing ideologues who want to continue running the country into the ground, sucking money out of the pockets of working people and stuffing their own pockets with tax cuts for billionaires, riches for the war machinery, the arms dealers, Halliburton and it’s subsidiaries, Blackwater, and the oil industry. And now, as of today, it seems John McCain is a flip-flopper on the issue of torture!!!??? The only issue we in the center and even those of us on the far left, agreed with him on, prior to today. Now John MCCain has lost his soul.

Maybe Mitt will be his running-mate and he will be able to take Utah, Arizona (maybe), Texas if they can prevent hispanic voters from voting. Let the campaign begin.

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