Friday, March 21, 2008

I Used To Love Her, But It's All Over Now

Bobby Womack wrote “It’s All Over Now” in 1975. I’ll bet Bill Clinton knows the lyrics and can play it on the Sax without charts. And it’s, in part because of Bill, that I feel that way about Hillary. Though honestly, I hate to admit it, I still kind of have the hots for Bill. But he is beginning to be pretty embarrassing again. And that makes me want to ask her, “Why can’t you control you husband?” He’s off the reservation again. No, not poaching interns, but running his mouth and putting Hillary and McCain on the same ticket. Do they aim to arm wrestle for the top spot, I wonder?


Vigilante said...

Retired Air Force general Merrill "Tony" McPeak likened Bubba's comment to something like a Joe McCarthy statement. I guess that's worse than my comparing it with a Joe Lieberman statement. I confess not to have believed it coming from that lying DINO's mouth the first time I read it. Under normal circumstances, this crap shoulda disqualified a Clinton from being on the ticket as vice-president. But this late in the campaign, having won as many delegates as she has, maybe not. I think the Democrats are headed into November with a Presidential and vice-presidential candidate distrusting each other and afraid of their back sides.

Utah Savage said...

Barack would need a food taster. And can you imagine having to put up with the twofer VP? Not a chance.