Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Here we go again. If anything could make it possible for John McCain to win the Presidential election it just might be the kind of campaign the Clintons are engaged in. I’m still pissed off about the ringing phone ad. Even if I were still a supporter of Hillary, that ad would have change my mind. It’s a play worthy of Carl Rove. I wonder if Rove is working for the Clintons now that he’s a free man. You must be scared, very very scared! My God, how cynical and stupid do they think we are? How stupid and cynical are they to run such an ad? At this point there’s nowhere to go but up for Hillary. Gerry Ferraro’s comments were stupid beyond belief. What the hell were they thinking? Why not just hire a hit-man to knee-cap the guy. My God, what have we become as Democrats that we would destroy our chances to take back the White House by running so nasty a primary campaign? Both Obama and Clinton are qualified, otherwise neither one would have gotten this far. Please Senator Clinton, stop the snide and nasty comments about Obama. It should be beneath you. That you seem to be willing to win at any cost to the Party is a dangerous game to play. Lets raise the level of discourse. Let’s focus on the right opponent. Unless it’s really John McCain you want to share the ticket with. Is that your dream team? Clinton and McCain on the same side? Stop it now, before we’ve lost any hope of winning anything but a reputation for complete self-destruction.


K McKiernan said...


You know I adore you, but you keep recycling the same statements. How about you sharpen some fangs and offer new words... perhaps against John McCain.

I taught election rhetoric four years ago and if its one thing I learned, whoever frames the debate best, wins. They each have their constructions, and Hillary can win against McCain because she can play nasty, too. I used to say I wanted to play nice. I used to say I did not want to win if we had to be like Republicans... but after two losses over the last 8 years... resulting in us becoming a laughing stock and the poor got poorer and too many lost their lives for greed (oil and Haliburton), I don't care about playing nice anymore. As long as Obama or Hillary do not do anything truly NASTY (and come on, a ringing phone ad is TAMEEEEEE), then so what. Its politics as usual.

The Republicans are nasty bastards, and they have tried to open her jugular to no avail. They have not started on Obama yet. I am not sure he can take it. Makes me like him even more that he is so kind, but come on. I want to win this time.

Whatever... see, you got me engaged in saying the same things too. Let's start in on "the other guy" now.


Utah Savage said...

K, Right you are. I will try to take your advise. it is the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war and they are having a celebration in Washington today. Makes me cry. What a sad thing to celebrate. I think I'll go to bed and pull the covers over my head. It's raining here today. Perfect for reading myself to sleep.