Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At Last

I woke up early to catch all the day’s news—got my latte and took the dog out to pee. After we came back inside, I fed him his breakfast and turned on the boobtube to watch this day’s fascinating coverage of, “Pennsylvania finally votes!!!.” I was asleep within minutes.

I have rather scrubbed my concrete floors on my hands and knees, than pay attention to the parade of fools on TV. This is shocking news, since I took the “seven deadly sins test at the Iguana’s site. My only sin is sloth. I tried to read the NY Times. Not even the Times. There is weak sunshine outside, but this is important, damn it. And it’s the same BS everywhere I look for information. And I have been interested all my life. I started this journey toward the democratic nomination with Hope, god dammit. Now I’m bored. I think I’ll clean the toilet. Then Cyrus and I will go for a walk.


Beach Bum said...

Once again I agree, once Obama's campaign took off I was glued to the screen wanting, wishing, and praying he would win. All during that time the queen of screech and her mentally teenaged husband trapped in the body of a middleaged man keep holding on expecting people to just give them the White House for another eight years. And I swear if either Bill or Hill start flapping their jaws again about repealing the 22nd amendment so a president wouldn't be restricted to two terms I will leave the country with my kids no matter what my wife says. But with McCain gathering steam as Hillary pouts like a spoiled child now I'm bored as well and a little sick.

Utah Savage said...

Beach, I'm so depressed I can barely type. But I'm so glad to see you out and about again. Next time you see Vigil, tell him I'm baring up.