Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'm trying to process my feelings after staying up half the damn night waiting for the Indiana results. Until I get my brain working, I suggest you take a trip to Anita at Anitaxanax. You will find her in my blog roll. She has written a lovely post on catharsis.


E said...

So--how are you feeling about IN and NC now? I'm feeling pretty good.

Utah Savage said...

I'm loving them so much I just might immigrate.

TomCat said...

I hope your vigil was cathartic for you. :-)

Utah Savage said...

Tomcat, you're looking a little frayed today. Was your vigil a disappointment for you?

And my answer is yes, yes, yes it was cathartic!

Stella by Starlight said...

You know, after all the crap Obama's put up with at the hands of the Clintons, which he's done with dignity, manners, and strength, I'm more than ever convinced he would make a strong, uniting president.

I'm with you e: it was nice to wake up to the IN and NC news this morning.

Blank said...

All this talk about catharsis is so cathartic!

K McKiernan said...

What did I miss? Last I heard, she won Indiana and the NC "landslide" was not quite as gigantic as everyone thought it would be.

Careful what you wish for you all... he will win the primary... I am sure of it... but sadly will not win the larger war.

I really hope come November, you guys get to be evil to me and say, "HA, you were wrong." However, I fear I might be right. You are crucifying our only hope at winning.

And pleaseeeeeeee stop with forcing out a candidate before its over. And also, please stop with the "she has so mistreated him." These two have been kissing each other's asses compared to the way most primary battles are fought.

Utah Savage said...

Miss Scarlet if I have to take on one of your friends to get you to come calling, I fight more often.

Beach Bum said...

I walked around like a zombie all day at work myself for staying up so late. I was so hoping that Indiana would go Obama but I'm happy with Hillary's win/none win. Also was quite happy with McGovern coming out and saying she should drop out.

Stella by Starlight said...

These two have been kissing each other's asses compared to the way most primary battles are fought.

Well, K, can't argue that one! That's a great point. Although I must say the Hill's using some pretty ugly tactics, like the Rupert Murdoch fundraiser last year, you're right: 2000 and 2004 were far uglier than this year.

I'm not sure either candidate will win the larger war. I feel uneasy, paranoid or whatever you want to call me. After Busheneyrove stole the last two elections, I keep wondering: "Are we so impoverished and frightened that could it happen again without us fighting back?" It's hard to speak out while we eke out a living working 50 hours a week.

Apathy and exhaustion may be our undoing.

K McKiernan said...


Nice that you try to find common ground. Many Obama supporters vilify Hillary and her supporters.

Ironic how in a year where the candidates have been "kissing each other's asses" their respective supports have been ripping into each other with, it seems, more vigor than ever before. Its nice to see and hear from an Obama supporter who tries to bridge the gap instead of burn it down.

Always a pleasure to hear from you.

J McKiernan said...

Wonderful comment, Stella. You are voicing a very legitimate fear, one that we cannot take for granted.

I find your allusion to the past two stolen elections especially intriguing. Because as we all know, since 2000, John McCain has been on an eight-year trek to turn himself into a pandering right-wing radical, and he has succeeded in his quest just in time to score the nomination.

So, if he is so savvy as to transform himself into a Bush worshipper to get himself nominated, why wouldn't he be savvy enough to employ the same dirty tactics in order to steal this upcoming election, Busheneyrove-style?

Scary. Like, white-knuckle, shiver-inducing, keep-you-up-at-night scary.

Utah Savage said...

J, glad to see you here. And yes it is scary, in that white knuckle, shivery way when you think we are on the brink of losing our country for good and all. And the rethuglicans are getting really good at stealing elections, no matter who we run at the top of the ticket. I will be an ugly campaign, but if we all ppull together, by doing the hard work of walking door to door talking to people face to face as neighbors maybe we can make a difference. I will still contribute my paltry $10. a month--my lemon money, to who ever is at the top of the ticket. I will sit here and make phone calls for hours trying with all my might in my most charming voice that he is not a Muslim, or she is not the devil's spawn. I will put up lawn signs for anyone willing to wear one on their lawn. These things we must do if we are going to get the government we need.

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