Saturday, May 10, 2008

For All You Mothers

I have met some wonderful Mothers in this adventure in blogging. To all of you on this Mother's Day, Happy Mother's Day to you! And if you had mothers who treated you with love, respect, and kindness, this will be a day you probably love.

For those of us who had mother's who were our worst nightmares, and lived to tell the tale. I salute you in your bravery and your strong sense of survival. I urge you to write it out of your system. For there is nothing more empowering than to make your truth known and, in the telling, finally your own.

For those of you with mothers still living who tormented you with cruelty and neglect or alcoholism or worse. I can only say that mother's day just might be the hardest day you live through each year. Good luck on getting through another.


cathouse teri said...

Good morning ~ I have been pondering whether or not to post something today. Hard to pull it off without making it all smarmy.

But I may write a post titled, "Remember: Mother is Only Half a Word!" :)

Yeah! That't the ticket.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a beautiful Sunday, Utah.

MadMike said...

I never post on Sunday, well rarely, but Utah there is something about your blog! You don't just carry on and on about the state of our government, which is refreshing. You write about all sorts of things and that makes for fun,interesting, and sometimes sad reading. Keep it up!!

To my Mother, who will never read this: I told you last year that you would live to see another Mother's Day Mom! I am glad for that even though you are holding on to my rather hefty inheritance:-) Happy Mother's Day!!

Petrosexual said...

Happy Mother's Day to all MILF's!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thanks for visiting. Your blog is very interesting and we have so much in common. I am adding you to my blog roll, if that is okay, so I can keep in touch where our lives lead us to next.

I'm not saying my mother was perfect, far from it, but she tried. Knowing her history and where she came from has helped me come to peace with our relationship.

Hope to hear from you again.

Liberality said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe Mother's Day for you could be about your surrogate Mothers who helped you survive your childhood. I saw cards to that affect while browsing the Mother's Day cards!
My Mother was not perfect and did some things wrong by me which it took me almost two decades to forgive of her. What helped me was understanding her childhood traumas and realizing she did the best she could. Forgiveness must be real to help though so I wouldn't try to force it if it isn't there.

Utah Savage said...

Lib, as you read Maggy's story I think you will better understand my feelings about her--they aren't so black and white as that. And few surrogates are long gone from my life, or dead. But I have been much happier since she died. And it is more my adopted daughters that I receive the love she was never able to give. One of them is sitting at my kitchen table right now playing backgammon with his ipod connected to my Imac playing "his kind of music. The kids got taste--such lush, gorgeous music. she fixed me grilled salmon for dinner. Lovely day, and to think I didn't have to push her out through my vagina to have her. And here is another plus--no man I hate to have to put up with 'cause he's her daddy.

cathouse teri said...

Hiya :)

Regarding your comment at my place about choosing not to be a mother. It's a tough call, for sure. I had a gentle childhood. And quite honestly, I was sure I didn't want children. I'm glad I had them. But I made a lot of mistakes.

Your parents were horrid people. I wish there were a way we could make sure such horrid people could not procreate. But then, we wouldn't have you, would we?

I think you give many good things in your life. Even in the short time I've visited here, I've seen how you positively impact others lives. I hope that you can dwell on that fact when you are feeling down.

There's no way I come even close to having all the answers. I don't even have all the questions! But I'm glad I have the privilege of meeting others like you, so we can just spend some time confused together. ;)

Utah Savage said...

Ms. Cathouse, Thanks for the compliments. I seem to have no censor now that I am old and free to say what I feel. I don't worry too much about the delicate sensibilities of others, especially at my place, but I have been know to be a perfect asshole out and about. For an explanation see the post I Don't Call Myself Utah Savage for Nothing.

cathouse teri said...

Ya, I did read that post previously. I feel the same way. I just say a lot of what's on my mind. I guess it's the hazards of age! :)

Blueberry said...

Seems like most of the women I know have (or had) really dysfunctional relationships with their mothers, including me. It makes me wonder if the rest of them are just lying... or maybe there is a chasm of incompatibility between me and those who had well-adjusted "healthy" relationships with them. I'll never know which it is.