Friday, May 23, 2008

What Does Hillary Want Now

Well, Hillary it isn't going to be the Presidency. And after todays gaff, it shouldn't be Vice President. Since you're hanging around waiting to see if Barack's going to get bumped off, if I were Barack, I wouldn't trust you at the table. Barack will need a food taster. He'll need extra Secret Service just to cover his back.

I can think of a number of better choices. Jim Webb is my first choice., Wesley Clark is another. If he wants a woman on the ticket, there's Kathleen Sibelius. How about Joe Biden or John Edwards, or Bill Richardson? There are plenty of excellent choices. If Hillary is saying she won't deliver her supporters, she's been lying to us for a damn long time.

She has been asked repeatedly if the nominee is decided by June 3rd, will she support the party's nominee. She said yes, many times and in many settings. I do not remember her saying, "Only if I'm on the ticket." I do not remember Hillary crossing her fingers as she said those words. I don't remember any qualifiers to her answer.

But this morning Hillary really stepped in it. When asked why she is continuing to run despite the fact that there is no realistic path to the nomination, she said, something like this, "Well, my husband didn't have the nomination until late in June after the California primary. And Bobby Kennedy was assassinated at the California Convention in mid June." What a charmer. I hate to break it to you Hillary, but California moved their primary up, remember? You won it. Remember? The inference is that Barack might be assassinated. Me thinks thou dust speak the truth of wishful thinking when sorely tired.

Hillary you are one tough bitch. Cold, too. When you and Bill hug at campaign events, I bet the chill goes down his spine. How do you both keep that gag reflex in check?

If you were Barack or Michelle would you want this woman as your running mate? If you were Barack and your campaign was all about change, would you want to go back to one of the most polarizing women on the planet to be your running mate? And what to do with Bill? No, no no. Hell no. She says she can deliver her base, if she doesn't, she's a lair. If Bill and Hillary and Chelsea aren't out there working their asses off for Barack no matter who his running mate is, they should go to the oblivion that eventually claims crooks and lairs. And we will all see them for what they are, greedy, ambitious, opportunists.


SaoirseDaily2 said...

I would be happy if he picked Evan Baigh as his vp. Have a terrific Memorial Day Weekend.

Naj said...

Wait a sec, did she really say "And Bobby Kennedy was assassinated at the California Convention in mid June." ?????????????

This + Huckabee's gaff are getting a bit out of gaff ... that's worrisome!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Hillary wants whatever is best for Hillary. She's probably still in the process of deliberating what exactly that is.

Pradeep said...

Hillary shouldn't worry that if she is a vice president she wouldn't be in the limelight, that she would have just a back-up role. Coming to think of it, actually it wouldn't be a role totally unfamiliar to her, for that's what she had been doing for eight long years when hubby Bill was in the White House. She is quite used to this sort backseat driving.. don't you think so?..

Lilacspecs said...

I've been lurking here for quite some time after seeing your blog over at Scarlet Blue's. I don't check comments after I make one, so I guess I don't have to fear a proverbial tongue lashing unless someone hates what I say enough to e-mail me. I agree with you regarding Hillary and her campaign tactics. She lost my vote and support early on because of how she chose to run her campaign. I can even agree a bit about what you say about Bill, despite the 8 years of prosperity that he brought to this country. But what did Chelsea ever do to be lumped in with her asshole parents?
Her answers to questions about Lewinsky and Obama during her college tours were insightful, well aimed and intelligent. Of everyone in the CLinton campaign, Chelsea is the only one who totally stuck to the issues during public confrontation. We won't even talk about all the bullshit that I'm sure she went through as a young woman during all the sex scandals and Whitewater. I am certainly in support of Obama this election year, but if there is ever a time when Chelsea Clinton is campaigning her way to the White House, you bet I'll be looking to back her up.

Naj said...

I am TOTALLY shocked not just to learn what she said; but her INSINCERE APOLOGY ... to Kennedys! Uhm ... she was speaking in WISH of Obamma's assassination; Obama's the one she should apologize to!

This Hillary is such a disgrace to all women.

check out

Blueberry said...

I still like Chelsea too.

For VP my pick is Wesley Clark!

The "Daily Hillary" for Friday was a real barn-burner. Can someone put this campaign out of our misery?

Utah Savage said...

Dear Lilacspecs, You are absolutely right to call me on lumping Chelsea in with her mother. Bill I'm just tired of, Hillary I want to disappear, but chelsea did nothing wrong. She was a trooper. I'm sorry for throwing her in with her parents.

FranIAm said...

You say greedy, ambitious, opportunists as if it was a bad thing!

Sorry for the dark humor. Oh wait, I think you like that. I know I do.

All things Hillary have hurtled their way from bad to worse to what kind of clusterf*ck is this.

As for the VP spot - Jim Webb is a good choice or as you aptly say Wesley Clarke even better.

He has a lot of good choices, let us see what happens.

And she has to go. She must go.

(thanks for the very nice comment at my place, thank you.)

Randal Graves said...

I can't imagine Obama NOT taking someone associated with foreign policy as his VP. He's not stupid, he knows that shit plays well with the media and a lot of suckers. People like Manly Men of Manliness.

enigma4ever said...

Its funny I never thought that opportunistic also meant does now...

Stella said...

I posted this on madmikesamerica. Whatever Hillary wants is not at issue in this comment, an amalgam of research on HRC and my reflections on watching the Libertarian Convention. Libertarians scare me far more than Clinton. They tend to lean ultra-ultra-conservative.
K, you know how much I admire you. As a Boomer, Hillary's comment on Friday bringing up Bobby Kennedy's assassination, as well as many potential lies she's told, have finally brought me to the end of my support for her.

With all due respect, K, I have a lot of articles for you and would welcome your comments. I'm concerned about Hillary's List of Lies, as well as articles from Newsvine, Common Dreams, and some disturbing comments from The Progressive Review.

K, believe me, I never want to offend you. We may disagree on this subject, but I sincerely hope we can continue to exchange ideas and amicably agree to disagree.

Certainly, I admire Hillary's strength and I don't really consider her a "whiner." If she were the same politician as when she graduated college and took on a lot of pro bono cases. To be fair, Iowa's Channel 9 listed many positive traits about her.

However, I'm weary of the lies fed to the American public. Only my research leads me to believe that she is not the candidate for me. I am saddened, and perhaps embittered, that Mike Gravel never had a chance.
I found myself watching the Libertarian Convention and debates on CSPAN, hoping that they'd have enough sense to put Mike Gravel up for the candidacy. Watching him, I realized again what a great president he would be.

Well, the candidates are libertarians ex-Reganite Bob Barr (ex-Reganite) and Wayne Allen Root, two ex-Rethugs. These are the kind of candidates that prove Libertarians are the most deluded party. Conservative doesn't begin to describe their views.

The convention eliminated two great candidates Steve Kubby, Founder of The American Medicinal Marijuana society, and my long-term favorite Mike Gravel, who supported issues which I could support, despite his error of going over to the idiot libertarians.

Sen. Mike's comment upon his loss? "I've been in politics since I was 15  years old, and this is the end of the line. I'm tired of riding in the back of buses. The people made their choice, and I support their decision. I think they're wrong, and I have a right to my decision."

When asked of his plans, he stated he wrote four books and would be going on book tours and provide more participation in the National Initiative for Democracy.

The institute's mission statement? The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.
~~George Washington, 1787

My apologies to Utah for the long post and all the previous typos. I guess, K, I hoped my candidate would at least win a fifth-tier convention. Sour grapes, maybe. After watching the LC convention, K, I am more than ever convinced that I'm far more concerned about libertarians than Hillary Clinton.

Except for Mike Gravel. Hopefully, he will have more opportunity to good for the world, like Carter and Gore, than in politics.