Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Saying.....

I was just making suggestions as examples, but lets say Hillary at Health and Human Services; John Edwards at Labor; Al Gore (if he wanted it ) at EPA; Chuck Hagel at Homeland Security, Bill Richardson at Interior or maybe State, Jim Webb at Defense. The idea is to put together a great team and let the team run for president. With Obama as the team leader. Lots to be learned from Lincoln here.

This was emailed to me this afternoon from my matinee date for really good movies. We are old friends--have known each other at least forty five years. His was my favorite history professor at the University of Utah. He married one of my best friends. His son was born on my birthday, June 12, and died when he was six years old in a tragic accident. The history professor went in the Peace Corps and then moved on to DC during the eighties and stayed. When he retired a couple of years ago, he came back to Salt Lake. We started going to movies and talking politics and history.

He told me this idea last night in a phone conversation. I loved it. It's a brilliant idea. I asked, "Who would you like to see run with him as Vice President?" He said, "Ed Rendell." Wow!

What do you think?


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I was thinking Webb as V.P., Hagel as Defense Secretary, and, yes, to be very bipartisan, Dick Lugar at the State Department. Seriously, have you ever heard this guy? He has got be one of the best/most reasonable Republicans on foreign policy. A little too outside the box, though, maybe?

Vigilante said...

Utah, only because you asked, I think this hist prof's got nuthin. Rendell is a good Democrat. Period. Webb is going to be a great Senator. He would be a good Secty of Defense, but I'd rather see him stay in the Senate. Hagel? Definitely belongs in a cabinet and I think his assets for that postion trumps Webb's. Remember, General Wesley Clark can't be Secty of Defense, and we're over loaded and deep with Secty of State candidates. So, put Clark is as Vice-President. He's a good campaigner (see my recent comment today) and a hits grand slam home runs as a Cheney-esque Vice Presidents. I promise you he will. And, before the election, from September and August, he will eat McCain's lunch every damned day.

BBC said...

I think he should run his wife as his running mate.

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Stella said...

Sorry bbc...the Clintons already tried that. Didn't work.


There are so many good Dems for cabinet positions, I'm beginning to feel hope. I hope Richardson, Kucinich, Dodd, and Biden are on the list somewhere. Kucinich would make a great Secretary of the Interior.

I'd be fine with Clark Webb, or Biden, for Secretary of State, Vig. But either Clark or Webb would be good for VP. Both are military and would appeal to the Southern vote.

Dusty said...

Sadly Rendell has skeletons in his VP for him. :(

But I do love the folks listed for the other cabinet positions..what a world we could have with eight years of those folks running things.

Even that pain in my ass Pelosi couldn't do better than all those folks.