Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Doctor

Today's visit with a doctor was the clotting factor check and the summing up of news so far. Wednesday next week I see the heart rhythm specialist about my fibrillating heart. We shall see. To ablate or not to ablate. That's the next question.

When I got home from today's long wait in another doctor's office, there was a message from yesterday's cardiologist informing me that I have to go to the sleep clinic and pick up my apnea checking equipment Monday afternoon. My dog Cyrus has an appointment with our house-call veterinarian for a refill on Cyrus's Rimadyl and a nail clipping. I'll have to try to reschedule one of our appointments.

I finished off the day with a shopping spree at my favorite thrift shop. And from the looks of my new winter wardrobe I'm going to be better dressed this year. These are the clothes of a woman who has a life. Who knew. I might start wearing lipstick and mascara again.


BBC said...

In 65 years I have seen very few doctors. And most of the ones that told me to stop smoking are now dead, good genes I guess.

Did you know that Einstein could dispatch a cigg in three drags? He seemed calm on the outside but he was really intent on the inside, like me.

Intent, well hell, we always need more tents, ha, ha, ha.

Actually, I don't give a crap if I die tonight, death is a concept for humans, not omnipresent spirits.

Many is the time I wanted off this fucking planet anyway and asked to be removed from it.

What a fucked up place. Anyway, hang in there if you want to, I really don't want to.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

How bizzarre. I might start wearing lipstick and mascara again too. :o)

Randal Graves said...

Doctor doctor, gimme the news.

Lipstick? You're not planning on running for office, are you?

DivaJood said...

Randal, Utah is Big Chief Supreme when we are elected.

Sounds really good, Utah. And NARS cosmetics makes a lipstick called Orgasm, as well as a check color with the same name. I use the blush but not the lipstick - too much for the men to bear.

Utah Savage said...

Oh Diva that's the best tip I've ever received on te blogs. Orgasm. Oh Oh oh oh oh Ah ah ah God! Lipstick is soooooo good.

Freida Bee said...

I recently got some skirts at a couple thrift stores. I'm off mascara and lipstick right now, but I have been shaving my legs. I'm liking it for now. I have and stopped in the past, but I just go with those things until I'm tired of thiem, which usually seems to happen.

Please tell us all about your lipstick experience.

Utah Savage said...

I too am shaving my legs. I wonder what's up with that. No one's going to look closely at my legs let alone touch them. So why am I bothering? Wishful thinking? I did actually buy two skirts. I never wear skirts. Maybe this was just a manic attack at the thrift shop. Spree shopping is one of the symptoms of mania--and come to think of it, I was very friendly at the thrift shop. Talking illnesses with one woman, talking about drug weight--she gained weight on methadone. Who knew getting of heroine and on methadone could make you fat. We also talked politics. She's worried that we're not ready for a black president. Interesting how open we sometimes are with complete strangers.

Nan said...

We might not be ready for a black president, but we are ready for a senile one? Of course, there is precedent for that -- we had Reagan for 8 years and sort of survived.

And a lipstick named Orgasm. I, too, am tempted.

BBC said...

Lipstick is only good for removing it with my mouth.

Mauigirl said...

Utah, I hope everything works out OK with your fibrillation issue.

Doesn't it seem as if once we reach a certain age that we spend way too much time visiting doctors and having tests? My checkup visits seem to all come in the fall. So I've just begun my cycle of appointments. And of course unlike in the old days, when you could just go and see the doctor and then it was "see you next year," now it's "Better get a blood test, we want you to have an ultrasound to check on this, come back the following week," etc. Sigh...

I'm glad you found a nice new wardrobe to cheer yourself up! Like Frieda, I go through phases with the makeup and the shaving of legs. In the summer I shave the legs and have pedicures so I can look acceptable in sandals (and even more for the enjoyment of the foot massage that goes with it). But I stop wearing makeup because I feel as if it's too hot. Now that fall is here I'll probably skip the legs and the pedicures and wear the makeup instead. Everything is cyclical!

Sherry said...

hi, my health is sucky but i always feel better after a trip to goodwill. there are rich folks out there that give away practically brand new high end clothes. i have a closet full o nifty things and make up makes me happy.

i fiqure if i'm in a good frame of mind my body does better.

get some lipstick and whatever and have some fun.

nars is good. i like bare minerals.

it's okay i have decided, to splurge a little on myself.

i always felt guilty before.
still do, but not as much.

have some fun.

Utah Savage said...

Having spent most of my working life wearing those high end designers and pricy fabrics, So I can spot them from across a crowed room. And I can feel quality through my finger tips. I found a new cashmere sweater from Neiman-Marcus with it's tags from the store still in place. It cost $130 at Neiman-Marcus and I paid $6. at my favorite second hand store. Score. Most satisfying. One of these days I'll play dress-up in my new duds and wear my orgasm lipstick and take photos for y'all.