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Ghost Dansing Said...

From my comment's thread, by Ghost Dansing

The Republican Party has become a totally rightist phenomenon in American politics. they are no longer a "normal" left-center-right Liberal Democratic party....... their fascism takes the form of government default to corporate plutocracy..... government has no function in their mind, other than funneling public tax monies into corporate profit margins, because laissez faire market economies bring "all good", and if the market doesn't address a problem, it is not a problem that requires solution.

In many ways their alliance with the so called "religious right", essentially authoritarian fundamentalist theocrats, is a marriage of convenience. they cage that voting sector on single-topic wedge issues like abortion, and let them run amok on legislation and regulation of "bed room" issues and all matters of human reproduction and death because it is a fine distraction, does not translate into regulation of corporate business activities, and by and large does not effect the rich because they can ultimately do whatever they want because they have the money.

it is actually quite a sickening brew representing a general, gradual erosion of truly American values such as secular governance and individual rights...... face it, a total ban on abortion really means that the State, not the individual, is in charge of what is happening inside a woman's womb...... how do all these "libertarians" resolve that conflict in their mind?

Americans will either take back America from the corporations and "religious right", or America itself will be lost.

America, in its preoccupation with Communism, ultimately lost track of the fact that America is far more vulnerable to evolution toward Fascism than it ever was toward Communism..... the Republicans, the standard bearers for "movement conservativism", found the formula to subtly and steadly move the American psyche ever to the right, to the point that many think of the term "Liberalism" as a dirty word.

the truth is, the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are quintessential monuments to Liberalism..... America is a Liberal Nation, and Progressives are simply attuned to the promises contained in these seminal documents.

by the way, there is some stuff out there on the internet that is radical liberatarian anarchism. they are essentially saying that the government is fascist because it requires income tax..... that is nonsense, and that is not what i'm talking about. the Republicans also capture that vote because if that Party's "small government" and "government is the problem" rhetoric..... the Republicans are about no such thing. they are about neutralization of the government of and by the people, making it subservient to the big Corporations.

my opinion is more like this: link 2

here's link 1....... why I say America's propensity is toward fascism versus communism......

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here's some more good stuff......

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Distributorcap said...

the republicans have spent 44 years turning liberal into a curse word - and it has worked. worse -- they have made democrat and baby-killer one in the same.

one thing that drives the GOP - is their hate of democrats. they would vote for Pol Pot over any dem. they are not a normal bunch

i can only hope that in their desire to dominate, the non-believers (the religious right is only around 20-25%) are starting to see how they have pulled the wool over the eye

Ingrid said...

Just curious, did they get their info from Alex Jones by any chance? I wished I had time to watch the vids but not until tonight..

good find though U..


Ghost Dansing said...

wow, i was just full of myself on this one..... however, it is what i think is going on.

i don't see the Democratic and Republican Party as essentially ideological equivalents, where it is merely the choice of the voter to pick his/her favorite candidate and declare "job done".

the Republican Party represents something quite different than it did in the Eisenhower-Kennedy era.

the same is true of the Democratic Party. however, the biggest thing that happened to the Democrats was the defection of the Dixicrats (Strom Thurmond) to the Republicans, the eventual advocacy for the Civil Rights movement and the loss of the "Solid South" of bigots for several generations.

the Democratic Party remains left-center-right Liberal (essentially believes in the governmental architecture created by the Constitution with separation of powers and church/state separation) whereas the Republicans are truly anti-Liberal, specifically they have fundamental problems with the Constitution to the degree that they are more than willing to create amendments that limit individual liberties (Gay issues) as opposed to expand them (the original amendments constituting the Bill of Rights).

futhermore, this latest Republican administration has, at every opportunity, sought to concentrate power in the Executive Branch (The Presidency) in such a way that the President essentially becomes one above the law in all matters relating to National Security..... kind of like the Catholic Pope ruling on all things Ex Cathedra.

this is a rightist assault on the very architecture for Liberal governance established by the American Constitution.

Alex Jones? what i'm saying here is not informed by whatever Alex Jones is saying.

in the wikipedia he is described as a Paleoconservative, which is more like what i refer to when i talk about Libertarian Anarchists..... essentially people that are really really paranoid of government itself (remember, we're talking about Liberal "government by-and-for-the-people" included in this concept), and who actually constitute a Republican voting constituency, because Republicans are essentially anti-government, and basically run government in such a way that power defaults to the Corporate business sector, because "free market" achieves everything.

i would say Libertarians in general are essentially Liberals (emphasis on individual liberty) who have no concept of governmental form that would ensure those liberties, and forget there are other sociological power blocks (Corporate/Business for example) that can in fact impact individual liberty if unchecked by the People (Liberal Government by-and-for-the-People).

this goes doubly for Libertarian Anarchists that believe the unregulated interaction of all individuals essentially produce pure laissez faire economic conditions that if left to its own devices will tend to the common good. (a Utopian idea, similar but not identical to the final stage of Marxist Communism in that the latter foresees the collapse of capitalistic principals wholesale; they are no longer required, whereas the former worships them).

i understand the reasoning, however there are false assumptions..... one of which is that free-market capitalism is all about the benefits of "competition" in the market place.

free-market capitalism is, in fact, all about monopoly, not competition. and unless there is a superordinate socioeconomic power block (like a Government by-and-for-all-the-people), the socioeconomic condition would result in rule by Corporate Plutocracy.

i would argue from the benefits of Liberal ideology, not Paleoconservative/Alex Jones.


Utah Savage said...

Ghost, I love your weighing in with more detail and information. I should put you on the marquee.

And you, it's what I believe and am not willing to take the time to document and link. Thats what I like about the work you do. I have speculated on your vocation often and now I think you might be a teacher or university student???

Liquid said...

Shit on politics. I am sick of it.

I just love reading your posts and commentary.

Still working on "Women Who Murder"........don't give up on me.

One would think it would take no less than 20 mins for me to come up with that short story. Maybe I just have too many ill fated fantasies rolling around in my head.

Yeah, I do.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Ghost Dansing said...

Utah...... just a cyberpirate firing a shot 'cross the bow 'o the His Majesty's Republican ship Travesty........ god damn them all.....

don't worry Liquid..... we'll return to our previously scheduled programming shortly.....

Beach Bum said...

Ghost and Utah, great post! Utah, I've got me tag done. I'm done with politics for at least a week. Thanks for something that took me away from it, the meme was fun.