Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Because I Watched Chris Rock's New Show Tonight

I was trying to find a clip of Chris Rock's interview on on Bill Maher last night. I missed the show watching crappy post debate "news" coverage. When I realized what I'd missed I was pissed. I've been trying to get it on On Demand today, but they won't let us see it until tomorrow. Somehow Dcup has a clip from the show. After I watched her clip on New Rules which is hilarious, I started looking at the Chris Rock segment from Dcup's clip. How did you get that? Anyway I went to the You Tube to find me some. But no, not for me. What I did stumble across was this bit from a Late Night segment. I had to be fairly recently, since Bill Clinton was on first and was talking about John McCain, patriot, and that other guy.


Wordsmith said...

Damnit! I saw him on Larry King the other night and didn't realize until TONIGHT that his 'special' was on HBO.

Just cut back on my cable costs too and cut out HBO. Chris Rock is right up there with George Carlin in my book.

Utah Savage said...

He and Carlin are the yin and yang of comedy. Wordsmith, thanks for the comment. Welcome aboard.

Utah Savage said...

Wordsmith I tried to follow you home, but there are guards at the gate. I know the Stationagent and Unconventional Conventionsist. How is it I don't know you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot! I got it from Jack and Jill Politics. I forgot to credit them via link.

Here they are:

Sorry about that!

Randal Graves said...

Rock is funny as hell.

Wordsmith said...

but there are guards at the gate

Ah yes, my kitties.....they're good at their job. They know who brings 'em dinner.

Otherwise, I dunno!

I blog at my place .... and at Les Enrages and Alternate Brain. I've been laying low at the aforementioned; we were locked in a battle with siblings who were taking advantage of my father monetarily and went the guardianship route. Got that, but it's still a mess. It's quieting down and I'll be back to blogging.

I'm glad I found you.

Lunatics on the Fringe.... I'm waiting to break that out.

Comrade Kevin said...

Now you understand all the reasons why I have never been a Clinton fan: Ego, hubris, and an inability to be a good loser.

We should be proud we don't have to worry about the mistakes a Hillary Clinton administration would make in bushels.

Utah Savage said...

Yes, I feel the same way about Bill. Listen to the Shock Doctrine interview with Naomi Klein. She calls him one of the best Republican Presidents.

Liquid said...

I laughed me arse off on this one!