Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little Health Update

I have been thoroughly examined, prodded and poked, and though I have several heart related issues, I am not in urgent need of any surgeries or more testing. My sleep apnea situation if marginal, not acute. The hole in the heart could be repaired, but research shows that it's a less than fifty percent success rate. It's something to be watched, checked now and then, but not absolutely necessary that it be repaired. My heart rhythm problem has, for the most part, been controlled with drugs, so why risk surgery when medication can control the problem of atrial fibrillation. So I will stay on the blood thinner and other heart related medications. I notice no particularly noxious side-effects (other than the bruising). And I am relieved that I don't have to go spend a night in the sleep clinic or wear a martian mask to sleep. So, all is well enough, and I have had a pretty thorough going over.

I seem to be back to "normal" as far as my bipolar disorder is concerned. Nicely balanced. Not too happy, not too sad. And all this expensive work-up may save me from serious problems down the road. I will continue to bruise, but I have never heard of death by bruising.

Why am I telling you all of this when the sky is falling? Because I am relieved to have all the questions settled for now. No more worry. Time to concentrate on the important stuff. Like THE SKY IS FALLING!


FranIAm said...

Glad to hear that things are going ok, healthwise.

However, as you said - OW - a big chunk of the falling sky just smacked me on the head.

Anyway, it is falling now - isn't it?

Randal Graves said...

A little falling sky never hurt anyone important.

- Wall Street

Utah Savage said...

Fran I'm so glad to see you. Yes, Ouch!

Randal, you were so dark last week. Is it impending disaster that makes you so optimistic?

Comrade Kevin said...

Nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out, huh?

Glad you're feeling better. I know full well how frustrating it is to keep bipolar regulated properly.

DCup said...

Yay poking and prodding!

Oh, wait. Well, maybe? I'm glad you're doing better, but the offer to send MathMan to Utah to care of you still stands.

Nan said...

I, too, am relieved to hear nothing requires surgery.

Bruising may not kill you, but it can definitely hurt like hell so be careful.

Utah Savage said...

Dcup, please send mathman to me. I promise I'll feed him if he rakes leaves and shovels snow for me.

Liquid said...

Come see~




Tengrain said...


Bruises, I hear, are the new black.


(who is no longer admiring from afar, but up close...)

Freida Bee said...

Dear, I am very glad that this concern can be allayed for now and does Skype or Twitter or Fluffer or some other such outfit enable eCuddlin'? Since you'll have popcorn, I'll have the ice cream. Maybe Colbert's flavor (I've never tasted) would be appropriate.

linda said...

OK, now I want to know who tengrain is and where is it/he/she/we/them?

And, really more importantly, you are feeling better, have escaped a scalpel and the BPD is "controlled"? I actually want a little hypomania about now but get what you're saying...a little attempt at humor or maybe I am hypomanic ... it's about that time - 11PM!

Utah Savage said...

Thanks Freida. Ice cream and popcorn and a nice ecuddle.

Linda, I am feeling better. It's probably relief more than good health, but hell, I'm so much older than I thought I ever would be. So this is bonus time. Everyday I wake up is a good day, unless I'm rapid cycling or horribly depressed. And yes, to be honest, I do love me some hypo mania. Fun times. But dangerous, too.

D.K. Raed said...

That is very good news, UT. At least when YOU get prodded & poked, you have something positive to show for it!

I think we are ALL getting bruised right now. We just don't have the bruises to show for it.

Blueberry said...

Certain types of "normal" can be good things. And bruises... well, those can be conversation starters -- an opportunity to talk about it, or just make up a story if you're feeling creative or cantankerous.

Ingrid said...

nicely balanced..that's probably most people's desire..(I just came away from my counselor and talked about the 'art' of balancing/taking care of oneself, not easy for me, have neglected myself for too long)
ANYhoo..I am relieved to hear you do not need to go under the knife. Really, like you said, why bother if meds will do it?
At any rate, I'm not sleeping too well this week so I'm in and out of people's blogs..I do have a whole list in my favourites but it's so long that it's too laborious to put it in a sidebar..when I have more energy and get a 'good one'..I'll have everyone up..including you.
oops..rambling now..that's my cue,
btw ..loved that description of the knifes and whips and such..as a kid in Holland, I always imagined myself being a 'cowgirl' (thank you Doris Day[g]) and being handy with all those you described. EsPEcially the guns..oooh..but like you, not to shoot at anyone or 'thing' in particular, just to be able to be good at it..yeehaw!