Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Music as Tension Reliever

And now, once again, from the Leningrad Cowboys, via a hot steal from Unconventional Conventionist the other day when I was trolling for things to lug home to my place, we now bring you, Smoke on the Water. I chose this song because so much smoke is getting blown up our collective asses by John (I'm not ready to debate) McCain, and George (I was never ready to lead) Bush. And in contrast to all this smoke blowing we have the calm, cool, elegant Barack (I am ready to lead and debate and look good doing it all) Obama.


DCup said...

George "I was never ready to lead" Bush? I love that. Some day we'll have to discuss how he was never meant to lead - only take and carry out orders.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Music IS a tension reliever. Unless you're playing really, really TENSE music.

BTW, you know where everybody is Utah? They're just like me and everybody else; watching this Great Train Robbery unfold. I can't take my eyes off it - a Trillion dollars inexorably flowing into thieves pockets.

Randal Graves said...


Oh, like we would've spent that trillion on anything worthwhile.

Has any Dem suggested jacking up the highest tax rates on these fuckers? No? What a surprise.

And save your political suicide bullshit. The average Murkan would have no problem with the über-rich paying a fuckload more.

Comrade Kevin said...

Those this mean that McCain is utterly unprepared for the debate and Obama's at a severe advantage?

I hope so.

Stella said...

Bullseye, Comrade Kevin. There's brave veteran. McCon is showing his fear at debating Obama, and set a precedence for Palin to pull the same stunt. Biden will destroy her in a debate.

McCon's been extremely protective of himself and Killa getting bad press. Opinion articles keep noting he can't do more than one thing at a time: concentrating on the the financial crisis and the debate might crash his hard drive.

Obama countered that someone who wants to be president has to do more than one thing at a time. I'm with randal: temse music. I need some new AC/DC (New Album: "Black Ice") and Anthrax (the band).

And I'm a twittering, Utah. I'm going to have to work to figure this one out.

Best to you all,
Socialist Stella