Thursday, September 25, 2008

Remember the Keating Five!!!

I'm in the tank for Rachel Maddow and this really made her especially special for me.

Anyone notice how old McCain looked back then in the olden days? Just saying. I think John's had some work done, if you know what I mean. I bet Cindy flew him to Brazil to see her plastic surgeon.


Randal Graves said...

"I'm not an economist, but I play one in Congress."

Funny how this is barely getting any play. We had endless loops of Goddamn Wright forever, but where are the histrionic handwringings over Palin's voodoo python guy?

This country makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we all just drooling for Rachel. Brains and beauty. Wow.

And you know, McCain paid a makeup artist $5.5k for her services.

As soon as I heard that, I thought about you as a makeup artist and wondered what you would have to say about that story.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

In addition to UFO services, I also practice Voo Doo on the side and can rid Prez and VP candidates of evil spirits quite cheaply.

A full moon, fifth of Tequila, a nickle bag, $50 bribe for a Guatemalan cab driver and a goat is about all it takes.

enigma4ever said...

his face is eroding..and I am sorry- but I think he has more tumors....I don't care what he says or his people say- his face looks like playdough that some one stuck in the micorwave...

( and that is even with the American Idol Makeup Artist doing her magic for 5000 a pop...)

I love so rocks..

Comrade Kevin said...

That's a man with the common touch for you. Seven homes, more than ten cars, plastic surgery.

Yep, he's salt of the earth.

Utah Savage said...

Four of my favorite bloggers in one place at almost the same time. It's magic.

I completely believe the make-up artist story. We talented artists are indispensable for anyone going before a camera and lights because they do so shine in their flop sweat and especially on their bald heads. But Dcup you were asking about the appearance of four new wrinkles on Dana Perinao's forehead. Who wouldn't acquire wrinkles lying to the press and all of us on behalf of such a schmuck? Once it's over, she can have it all cut away. But I am certain McCain, vain fool that he is has had some of that tightening up done. Snip, snip.

I hope they hire you UC, you can clain the ivil forces killed her and get off scott free.

I too have heard his tumors are about to take him. Hurry tumors, hurry!

Ghost Dansing said...

McCain is eerily similar to McCain

DivaJood said...

What Ghost Dansing said. Brilliant.