Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vigilante, This One's For You

What can I say?

Maybe that this scares the crap out of me?!!! I think most men who've seen this Tina Fey look alike, Democrat or Republican, have thought, for just a nanosecond, "I'd do her."

And a lot of women are thinking, "I feel so sorry for her..."

Is this combination of instinctual reaction to something like a train wreck going to insure another win for a Republican administration that hasn't a clue how to govern?


Randal Graves said...

She is attractive, but given that I am well aware of her wingnut, militia-like tendencies, I'd rather spank the monkey. It would be the very pinnacle of blasphemy to get funky with a gooper of my own free will.

Tina Fey on the other hand.

I don't care what missteps the Gay Old Party or the Democrat one makes or doesn't make between now and November 4. If anyone is SURE that Obama will win, well you haven't been paying attention to the American voter for the last 200+ years.

Beach Bum said...

That chick freaks me out on so many levels, and none of them good. The absolute worst sci-fi doomsday or political thriller I have ever read compares to nothing when I think of her in the White House after McCain slips on the soap or expires one night after he tries to get funky with Cindy. And it ain't because she is a woman.

Now Tina Fey, dear lord I'd crawl a mile through broken glass mixed with poop to get next to her.

Utah Savage said...

See what I mean guys. She does look enough like Tina Fey that if your wear ear plugs...

sitenoise said...

People's innards do show, I guess. I think Tina Fey is very attractive, and I can see your look-a-like theory, but the first time I heard someone posit Palin as a babe, I thought WTF? Not even for a nanoith of a nanosecond. She's disgusting to look at. The thought of doing her is incomprehensible to me.

I have the RNC on at the moment and I don't think I can watch too much. It makes me sick to my stomach looking at these people. All of them.

Utah Savage said...

Nanoith? Good new word. And it's very reassuring the all the men so far have stated emphatically how very unappealing the idea of "doing her," truly is. Thank god. Because the electorate can be very funky, if you know what I mean.

Freida Bee said...

I think Tina Fey is waaayyy hotter! And, that's shallowly based on looks alone. If you put in the brains, well, Beach Bum said it. Is Tina on SNL anymore (oh gawd, it's sad I don't know that)? If so, this is heaven for her re; skits. I'll have to start watching. Maybe she'll pose in this bikini with a gun. Now, that would be hot.

Liberality said...

I don't see how she looks like Tina Fey but that's just me, thank goodness, as I do like Tina Fey.

Hubby saw some of her speech at the RNC (I refuse to watch) and he thinks she is hanging herself with stupid talk of pit bulls and such.

Randal Graves said...

Wait. Tina Fey is posing somewhere in a bikini?

K McKiernan said...

The minute I saw Palin last week, I said, oh, man, Fey is going to have a field day!

Then, last night, I whispered to J during the speech, "she reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in Election." Did anyone think her voice sounded just like Tracy Flick?

I really don't get the whole Palin as hot thing. Sure, she is in no way ugly, but hot? I guess when the only other women in politics is Hillary or Madaline Albright, well, I guess Palin is easier on the eyes. Not saying much.

Fey is brilliant and uses her brain muscle with a grander purpose, whereas Palin seems to use her brains to further her religious crusade and self righteousness.

Utah Savage said...

Freida, I too think Tina is wayyy hotter! Smarts like Feys turns us all on. But with good speech writers and playing her Feyness, she looks dangerous.

Lib, I was a bit embarassed by my own hysteria about the invading monster woman and her spawn when I visited your site. You are taking a very principled position, re the kids. But she's going to pimp the kids for all they're worth--too cute and hammy not to--she's making Down's syndrom her cause for all families with special needs children. I think it's not going to be easy for the press to avoid the kids as part of the package. I have young liberal neighbors across the street. They have adopted two kids with Down's Syndrome. I'd not put money on their conversion to the lure of someone in the White House who will champion their issue.

Randal, see you can;t take your eyes off her even if you feel dirty for looking.

K, good to see you, hear your take on this. You should go visit Sitenoise, my partner in blogospheria. He's a movie reviewer extraordinair, with a special interest in Asian Films. Not strictly limited to Asian Films, but still. He might lead your to films your wouldn't ordinarily see.

Utah Savage said...

I mean "Take You", not "take your." I must be having a mind fart.

K McKiernan said...

Thanks for welcoming me!

Have you seen Election? You would die at how much Reese Witherspoon's character and Sarah Palin sound alike.

What I hate is that Palin keeps making herself look like a typical mom dealing with typical mom things. At that debate, Biden better get at all the issues and show how extreme and scary she really is.