Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Meme for Randal

For Randal, because he told me to.

Where do I buy my clothes?
At the closest thrift shop, which in my case is one run by the Mormon Church, called Deseret Industries. It's clean, well organized, the clothes at this particular DI are the discards of the affluent in Park City. So, I find nearly new designer clothes for a pittance. I bet it's going to get a whole lot busier and prices are about to go up. Why? Because they can, that's why? Sorry Dcup for stealing your line, but I did it. Why? Because I could, that's why. Why don't you copyright it for christ sake?

Where did my furniture come from?
So many places it would turn into a complicated map of acquisition and inheritance and living long enough to end up with it. I have a few very good pieces. Stickley actually. Bought at a garage sale ages ago, found painted blue, sadly. Then stripped and sanded and oiled and oiled and oiled again. Left with mommy who decided that meant they were hers. Mommy died. They're mine now. The big brass bed was mine when I was a teenager. Mommy kept it. It's mine now. Some pieces I am fond of, I found in thrift stores and impulsively purchased. But I was a runner from life. I have houses full of furniture I ran from along with the husbands I left. Never a backwards glance unless I wanted to set a short story there. Ancient history and fair game, considering. Now, I think my favorite chair is the red leather club chair my mother stole when my grandfather died. It came out of his office in the Judge Building on Exchange Place and Third South. It's from Dinwoody's. A very good local furniture store long gone.

Where do I live?
Salt Lake City. I wasn't born here. I always felt a bit like a refugee here. But here is where the family home is, and I am all that's left of the family. The home of my heart is at the top of West Camino Cielo overlooking Santa Barbara, the ocean, the Channel Islands, and so much more. It was the last place First Love/Last Love and I lived together.

Favorite book? Favorite Movie? That's impossible. If I were the mother of thousands of children and you asked me my favorite would you really expect an answer. Each book, if loved, is mine--it exists for me in a visceral way forever but because it moves me this way, doesn't mean the next much loved book won't do the same in a whole different way. It too is mine now. The same thing with movies. I am too old to cull through my memory of my lifetime of movie going to say "This one." The most recent one is one of the best. That's Blindness, based on a Nobel Prize winning book by Jose Saramago.

Favorite piece of music? Are you fucking kidding me? Do not mess with me. Narrow it down a little will you? Pick a fucking century, decade, genre, some damn thing. Please! But do not fuck with me. I'll hurt you.

I had to come back and insert this. I forgot. I'm old. Favorite TV Series. This is so easy. Deadwood is my all time favorite TV series ever, ever! I watched it so often on ON DEMAND I was able to recite dialogue along with the characters. What character am I? I'm Al Swearengen. And yes, I use that many expletives in my moment by moment commentary on the life around me, or lack of it, the noise or lack of it.

I tag:
Nan from All the Good Names Are Taken
Linda at Vulture Peak Muse
Tengrain, of Mock, Paper, Scissors. Yes YOU. OH YES I DID! Take That! Why? Because inquiring minds want to know.
The Cunning Runt at Little Bang Theory, because I love the name The Cunning Runt. Say it fast three times and it becomes The Running Cunt. And it's such a lovely change of pace once you get there.
And Dusty at It's My Right To Be Left Of Center because she probably needs a little change of pace.
And for good measure I add Beach the man behind the Life and Times of a Carolina Parrothead

Let the linking begin.


Beach Bum said...

I always felt a bit like a refugee here.

Where I live now I feel like a displaced alien person. The only time I feel at home is when I travel down to Georgetown, South Carolina. Even though when I do I have to stay in a motel room. I'm not even talking about going to the beach, my hometown's streets give me a comfort that settles my soul. Once I retire and get the kids off to college I'm returning. My current plans have me settling in one of the lower rent trailer parks that sit relatively close to the beach.

linda said...



Randal Graves said...

Each book, if loved, is mine--it exists for me in a visceral way forever

Exactement. You cannot narrow these choices down, moods fluctuate, we read/see/hear something differently, the way our makeup meshes with the weave of the creative work. About the only thing I can nail down is what my favorite piece of music is, and even that's tenuous.

If DCup hasn't copyrighted it, you should, then you can sell the rights and then she can sell them, it'll be like one giant bank fuckup, then comes the bailout. Ingenious!

BB, when you retire, and if any of us come through, you show us the place to have a drink and we'll buy.

Beach Bum said...

Utah, got the tag and Randal if you are ever going to get down this way email me and we will seriously party.

Utah Savage said...

Linda dear, how nice of you to stop by. I'll see you later. Muaahahaha!

Tengrain said...

Utah -

I'm flattered as hell, but as a founding member of the Anti-Meme Super Team, I don't do them on principle.

I'll tell you this much, though, my answers are not that much different than yours on movies, books, music. I hate shopping so much that I only buy things that I intend to keep until I die: so we both have Stickley in common, and inherited stuff.

As for clothes, eh, who needs'em? Scares the horses, of course, but there you have it.



The Cunning Runt said...

Geez, a simple meme, and I can't even figure out what the hell you're going on about!

Lady,where are the goddam rules??

And Randall, don't call me slow, ya douchebag. I went to your place and couldn't figure it out there either!

The chance of this thing dying in my capable hands exceeds the margin of error of a poll of Likely Runts, sample size one.

Or something.

Utah Savage said...

Dear Cunning runt, this is a meme for anarchists, but as far as I can tell from Randals poor example the rules are these, roughly:
Where do you buy your clothes
Where did you get your furniture
Where do you live
what's your favorite book, movie, music, TV series, and any other crap of a personal nature we want to know. Just guess what we want to know. Believe me we're a curious bunch, so the raunchier the better. Have fun. That's an order from Randal. Do it or he'll hurt you. Or he'll hurt me because I haven't charmed you into compliance. Randal is a mean bastard.

Utah Savage said...

Tengrain, most charming of all those who have told me to go fuck myself today. How kind of you to satisfy my curiosity on such a small scale.

Nan said...

Got the tag and will see what I can do with it later today when I'm actually awake enough to think.

Randal Graves said...

BB, you've got a deal.

utah, between working out, taking wonderful pictures and being a fiend in the kitchen, TCR could wallop me like LBJ did to Goldwater. Anarchy in the USA!

Dusty said...

Alright... I did your damn meme woman! ;p

Stella said...

Oh, boy, Utah, I'll let you take Cy Tolliver, but Al's all mine.


Utah Savage said...

I swear I swear like Swearengen.

Utah Savage said...

I'm nothing like Cy Tolliver. I might be a little Tricksy. But no, really Stella, I am Al Swearengen.