Friday, October 17, 2008

My Dear Liquid Illusion, Thank You

I have been given two awards by the very lovely blogger known as Liquid Illusion. One is called the UBER AMAZING BLOG!!! Woo Woo! Darling, you are too sweet. I love you, too. And the other is the I Love Your Blog award . And I really really do.

And with all gifts they must be shared to be enjoyed. So to these five bloggers I bestow these awards on you:

Dcup, the one the only woman with a tinfoil bra and a picture to prove it.
Randal, because he's so sweet and snarky. Yummm.
Beach, who has the writer's soul. I dare you to start twittering.
Diva, because she is the Diva, and I want to be her Big Chief Justice.
Florence Joe, Oh Sorry, Freida Bee, because, well, you know. If you don't you should.


Anonymous said...

Why thank you very, very much Utah! I'm honored to be in this illustrious company!

Utah Savage said...

My honor and pleasure just to know you. I'm getting ready to start bugging you to set another of your special writer's secret sites? Did you get my message?

Randal Graves said...

Where are the damn umlauts? Why does this award hate Germany?

I feel all yummy. Yes, we need another writerly deal that allows us non-murdered men in the club. Not that I'm casting aspersions at the death of dudes that are not me.

DivaJood said...

Thank you very much. It's really humbling.

Working on a short story (finally) and it's scaring me.

Beach Bum said...

Cool, and thank you so much. To be honest I've been reading your novel and short stories off and on as time allows and I've picked up several items from you. Got one story I'm working on I'll let you read first. All my stuff so far has been in the first person with me in the story. In this experiment I'm doing third person. I'll say it proving really different. The story is sort of Dean Koontz-ish.
Would have been here sooner but its been a hell of a day. Both Dragonwife and Wiggles can't go five minutes without calling my name for me to do something. Only reason I'm sort of free now is that Dragonwife is off to return items she bought over the last couple of days and I've put Wiggles in front of the television with Spongebob babysitting her.

Freida Bee said...

Utah- Thank you so much, dear. Sigh. I get to be a blogger for the next day, or even better yet, a writer. I think that last Flo Joe was my murderous tale. I don't tend to think of murder as the ultimate justice. I think having to live with the suckitudes is more ironic, so I am with Randal on his suggestion. I would like to commune with you guys that way.

I'll accept this award with one I never acknowledged previously. This is, indeed, sublime company.

linda said...

you so deserve this award, my dear....your blog is informative, funny, and could you not get two awards all at once?! :)

rdl said...