Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes We Can

This was picked up on a visit to Emigma4ever at Watergate Summer


laconicably said...

Very inspirational and reassuring. Not long ago I was disappointed that the particular system of democracy in the U.S. seemed to have become dysfunctional. It's not my country and I've never been there, but who couldn't love a country that has produced Woody Allen, Louis Armstrong, Mark Twain, and Ellen DeGeneres? But Dubya getting a second term -- I can't see any way to avoid saying that is dysfunctional.
But with the possibility that Barack Obama may become president soon, maybe it's not so dysfunctional after all. Maybe it was just malfunctioning temporarily.

Utah Savage said...

Well in Dubya's case it was stolen. He stole an election and started a war. Then when the second election came around, they messed with The voting machines and tried to steal it again. But no need, they had swiftboated Kerry. Now we are so sick of the government we have we're not about to give it back to the thugs who hijacked our country and ruined it for a long, long time--Think debt we'll be paying down into the next generation and the next.