Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rachel Maddow is My Christmas Present From a Grateful MSNBC

My first real Xmas present was this, then she does it again. She just keeps sending me one after another. Thanks Rachel, I love you too.


Gail said...

Hi Utah-

I am SO watching that HBO special "Taxi to the dark side" on Sunday. "Thank you" for this video Utah because I was unaware of the HBO special. I am so sensitive to misuse of power and I can't even come up with the right words to express my disdain for such tragic torture. Thank you for sharing your Christmas present.

giggles said...

I am so tired of all the talking heads, left and right, bloviating ad nauseum.....except I can take Rachel in some doses.... I like her very much.... You go girl!!
All news makes me very depressed, so I'm trying to wean myself off, and switch to Jon Stewart's Daily Show.... At least he's funny about the idiocracy!

Stella said...

I love Rachel. I used to work 13-hour days and commute 20 miles each way. The best thing about the long days was Rachel Maddow on Air America. And Keith Olberman of course.

It's great to see her on MSM. I love Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhoades. Randi's tough.

Yeah, giggles, I get tired of the talking heads, but the Air America women helped me survive a rather brutal job, no matter how hard it got.

Utah Savage said...

Giggles, Rachel is pretty funny too. She is MY voice in the MSM world. Until Rachel I really had no voice speaking for me. Well, there was Keith, but he's no Rachel.