Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trying to Make it Real, Compared to What

I've been watching the auto industry executives trying to bullshit their way to a several billion dollar bailout for them. And they're trying to make it real, compared to what? They haven't a clue how we live, and how their decisions caused the cascade of shit that trickled down on us compared to what? Ever get your car repo'd Mr Executive? So now that you didn't fly in on your corporate jets we're just supposed to write you a check and make your dreams real? Compared to what? Seven years ago when the Iraq war started, did you go into the business of making up-armored Humvees for our troops, or did you make bright yellow Hummers for little men with big wallets and small... Compared to what! And when little man Bush, stood (puffed up with his own importance) before us and pronounced his plan to put us on the path to security against the terrors, he said "Go Shopping." What??!! What did you say? "Buy a Hummer and we'll give you a big tax break." I screamed, "Compared to What?"


Gail said...

Hi Utah-
Great Video -

As long as the auto industry is in "cahoots" with the oil producers they will keep manufacturing gas guzzlers.....unless their 'plan' is to manufacture small cars, powered by other means, well, any bail out will keep the profits for 'them' high and costs to the consumer,higher.

I like your style.


Randal Graves said...

Hey, they drove to DC in hybrids, they get it. Cut 'em some slack, it's hard work making bad product this long when you're shackled to a union.

Utah Savage said...

If Hoffa was alive today, those execs would be driving nutless. Oh, they are, aren't they.

Dave Dubya said...

There has always been the collusion of government and business to channel money from the public into the pockets of the rich.

This is the heart of American corporatism.

After the Bush years they simply removed the inconvenient part of providing goods or services in exchange for money.

Nice of them to streamline their operation for us, eh?

Utah Savage said...

It's class warfare when the poor are rising up and demanding their fair share, but it's business as usual when the rich are taking our money. And those bastards don't even say "thanks for letting me rape you again."

Beach Bum said...

If it was just the stuffed suits I would say let them go bankrupt. I would love to see them having to sell their favorite multi-million dollar homes and having to send Junior to a college with with kids whose parents have to struggle. Hell, actually I'd like to see them on the street destitute.
But my concern is with the assembly line worker, the small businesses that make their living selling stuff to the car makers as well as the other businesses that directly or indirectly make money from the auto workers. I don'y want to even think about what will happen if up to three million people lose their jobs.

anita said...

A[Fucking]Men, Utah.

(hmmm ... let's see ... now that might be a double entendre but, then again it might be something else, so ... well, let's just call anita 'the originator' shall we?)

or should we let randal decide?


but in all seriousness. if all it took to get one "bailed out" financially was to look humble and chastened, the entire planet would have been bailed out long ago.

we are witnessing just another chapter of the most bizarre farce that has ever been inflicted upon intelligent and well meaning and essentially good men and women.


Anonymous said...

The entire situation is maddening. I think Dave Dubya said it - it's about funneling the money to the wealthy. The Bushies are just so unabashed about it.

Utah Savage said...

I think the women have spoken. I want the workers to run the companies. I want it to be a workers collective. But I'm not the decider. Anita? What say you?

an average patriot said...

They said it wasn't them it was the economy! It was them! If they were not so pompous and arrogant they would have retooled years ago but they refused to list.

Why the hell should they we are going to bail them out now. I have to laugh I asked the question today if anyone realized they had the last laugh?

They are laughing their asses off at us and Congress! They turned them away for arriving in jets so they return in cars and ask for $9 Billion more. Hmm!

anita said...

i say ...

hmmm ...

well ...

the workers were, in my opinion, part of the problem, ONLY because they were paid off handsomely by the auto companies and now that the auto companies have hit the skids they want to trash the workers.

all i can say is


you know the rest, utah.

Mauigirl said...

It's all a pretty big mess. I agree it's the automakers' fault that they're in this mess. But I am concerned about all the people who would be affected - and all the other businesses. It's not just the workers directly, it's the other businesses that feed the car companies making parts or other materials for production. And it continues to cascade.

What about all the car dealerships and those who work for them? They're not rich. I have an old friend who sells GM cars, he's been doing it for 30 years. He has two kids in their teens who will need to go to college. His wife is a teacher so she doesn't make much. So it makes you think.

I do think there needs to be a great deal of accountability attached to any loans that are provided and am not sure how they can structure that.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

OMG best video I have seen in awhile. Go out and have some fun this friday! Talk soon.