Friday, January 2, 2009


And not just because it's Rachel Maddow, with Robert Redford talking about Utah, but because it MATTERS. We're talking about things, which once done, cannot be undone. Bush is sticking it to us everyday, quietly, in ways we won't feel for decades because we're too busy trying to survive. The thing I hate most about the prolonged "holiday season" is the absence of news. I'm not even getting my daily email updates. No news awaits me in my inbox. God it's boring. But lest we forget, Rachel Maddow will be back and on the job with the Lame Duck Watch.


Nan said...

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) has been sending out alerts about the garbage the Bushites are pulling in the waning days of their administration. High Country News has been covering it, too. Bush is doing his damnedest to so thoroughly rape Utah and the rest of the intermountain West that the damage can't be undone.

Utah Savage said...

What's his problem with us. This is the reddest state in the Union. We'd vote for Hitler if he was running as a Republican. I don't get it.

yellowdog granny said...

he's running around like the little psycho he is changing laws and inacting new ones that will just fuck the country over..and even if obama wants to change it will take time...meantime??? we're fucked

SaoirseDaily2 said...

The Arches, Zion, Glen Canyon and all national parks our treasures and should never be compromised in any way! It would be my happiest moment to see Bush, Cheney and Rice led out of white house in handcuffs and chains. And since pickles the murderer didn't think her husband was a bad president - she can follow right behind them. Michael grew up in Page, AZ and it saddens me when we visit to see that coal burning plant. Ok off the soap box.

Robert Redford is still the yummiest ever and Rachel I would go bi for.

Have a groovy Saturnday night.

Stella said...

Nan's absolutely right. The Guardian, MSNBC (naturally), and the NWF, and several articles at the WWF disgust me.

Utah, Busheney's problem is that they are both sociopaths and narcissists. They don't care about Utah or anything else except their own greed. Yellowdog granny called him a little psycho: that's apt.

He is also going after the ancient redwoods in California, as well as trying to enact legislation to drill off the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Please stay on your soapbox, SaoirseDaily2. Silence=Complicity. Everyone's voice is important.