Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After The Marriage That Ends Badly

Thanks Amos, this is just the piece of music I needed to end the story of my middle daughter's marriage.

Your result for The Ultimate Shakespearean Romance Test...

Sentimental (47%) and Low Infatuation

"But if the while I think on thee, dear friend, all losses are restored and sorrows end."

Your romance quotient is 47% and you have a low propensity for infatuation. You're someone who can enjoy the finer points of a relationship, but you're also happy to spend quality time without romantic distraction. A quiet evening at home with someone you love is rewarding and fulfilling. Since you tend not to become infatuated, you make more sensible choices and are quite likely to appreciate a long-term, steady commitment.

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sunshine said...

Yet, do thy worst old Time: despite thy wrong, my love shall in my verse ever live young."

Your romance quotient is ($Romance)% and you have a normal propensity for infatuation. You enjoy romance considerably, and it still can control your outlook. This is something you need in your life. While you have the ability to recognize a bad relationship, you don't give up as easily as you should.

To be honest I was thinking of the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan while I did this test and not my husband.

Great song! ;)
(((Hugs))) laura

Utah Savage said...

Thank you for that laugh, Sunshine.

The Crow said...

Sentimental, 41%

Tengrain said...

I took the test, but it crashed before giving me a result, Utah.

So I'll assume that my rating is after you...



Katie Schwartz said...

I LOVE Diana Krall's music. Her voice sends me.

I'm so sorry about your dawtah, bubbie.

Randal Graves said...

Passionate, 63%. Is that like a 700 verbal?