Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Was A Lackluster Day

I hate days where I have to roll out of bed before 10:00 and have to hit the shower. I like starting my day with my mug of coffee and a handful of pills, and at least one smoke and then I take the dog out. I took Cyrus out at 9:00. He peed and ran back in the house. I fixed his breakfast, got my coffee and watched maybe a half an hours worth of news. Not nearly enough.

Well, that's not exactly true, but not much and it wasn't all that interesting.

I had to go out into the world today and the wind was especially strong and buffeting. It set my teeth on edge, blew grit into my eyes, and pissed me off. I had to stop at Office Max for a legal form and they were out of that precise form. I had a doctor appointment to test my clotting factor. I wasn't wheezing or coughing until I went out into the wind. It was a too long wait at the doctors office so I stole their new Time. I did get permission to start taking my allergy meds again. I must be better.

At 2;00 in the parking lot of Staples I realized I was starving. I went to Chillies across the lot from Staples. It was awful. Except for the gorgeous black guy with a great smile. He was spectacular, but not spectacular enough to make up for the wait and the crappy food. Not half cheap enough and awful. I took my order home to eat it and discovered that great enormous Cryus had taken a very large, very large crap in the middle of the room. Cleaning crap off the floor is not a great prelude to a meal. Maybe that had something to do with my lack of enthusiasm for the crap from Chillies.

My friends from New York have been here for over a month working on a little house they have not all that far from me, and I have yet to visit them. They leave tonight at midnight for a month in New York and then back here again. They've made such changes in the house I didn't recognize it. I drove into the drive way and backed out, thinking I was at the wrong address. But now, just time and hard work. They have transformed a falling down piece of crap house into a treasure. I'm amazed and they seem to be just getting started. I can't wait to see them again, but I felt so crappy this visit I nearly missed them this time.

And when I got home our new tenant, a very nice woman with a good job, a cool car and a young yellow lab. She was over to sign a rental agreement and to introduce her dog to ours. She works down Cal's way, but prefers to live in Salt Lake because we're such a cosmopolitan place compared to Orem. DK, if you read this feel free to comment. Cal, you too. She, the new tenant, teaches at a college. Has for nine years. Her boss had lovely things to say about her. She seems very nice in that cosmopolitan, slightly edgy Utah native kind of way. DK, care to comment? No actually I like her. It's not her, it's me. It's been that kind of day. I sound so bitchy. Does that make me a bitch? Cal?

Cyrus is upset by the wind. Cyrus hates anything that makes a loud noise in the outside world. And someone in the neighborhood is using a nail gun on a construction job. I too hate the sound, but I barely notice it. Cyrus notices it when he's outside peeing, so he runs for the door as fast as he can. Poor Cyrus. Shell shocked Cryus. I can't get a shot gun as long as I have Cyrus. But I'll keep my straight edge razor on the bed side table. Cyrus likes the TV or music on at all times. When I read he whines softly.

Mr Stupid still has not picked up his money from Western Union. On Friday it's mine until he sues me.


D.K. Raed said...

We had that blustery wind today, too. Got me all sneezy & wheezy.

SLC is cosmopolitan? hmmmm ... last time I was up there, I got lost in a big freeway mess, was yelled at by some jobless teenagers, and was forced to endure a "temple tour". But I guess it is cosmopolitan compared to everywhere else in UT (and Wyoming and Idaho and Montana for that matter). Got the market cornered on anti-depressants, too, so yeah, cosmo to the max!

Now you know Cyrus was just leaving you a little bit of lumpy love! Our old dog has had a few accidents lately, too. Since he's now deaf, I can't even yell at him.

Why do you have to wait to be sued? There must be a better way to get Mr Stupid's money back to him.

themom said...

Poor Cyrus..he must have missed you greatly. As for Mr. Stupid...maybe he has found another victim to stalk and threaten. Please, please, safe!

sunshine said...

Thanks for the reminder as to why I don't have a dog right now.
The kids want one (our sweet little Giorgio was stolen from our backyard 5 years ago..).
Our lives are so busy right now and I just don't feel like picking up crap in the house OR the backyard. (I know.. I sound bitchy too ..don't I?)

Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery at least and that you like your new tenant. That's a good thing!
Have a great day!
((Hugs)) Laura

sunshine said...

Ahem... just so nobody thinks I'm an animal hater.. we do have a cat and 2 guinea pigs right now. I think that's enough crap to clean... hehee..

Randal Graves said...

Even if you don't keep shells in the house, the sound of pumping that shotgun might be enough to scare off magical underpants-wearing yokelry.

Don't feed your dog Chillis or that pile will likely be twice as big.

Lisa said...

Oooh. That wind and cold. The longer I'm in the south, the harder it is to take.

Sounds like your day was full, but not full of fun things. Cyrus was obviously feeling out of sorts too with that poo on the floor.

Routine. We love our routine. I need it to keep going, to not have things completely fall apart.

Mauigirl said...

Glad you got a good tenant, congratulations!

Sorry to hear about Cyrus' little gift to you. I'm sure it wasn't helpful for your appetite!