Monday, March 2, 2009

Who Killed the Electric Car

This link was sent to my by my fierce and fiery Persian blogger friend and fellow writer, Naj of NeoResistance. I saw the documentary when it first came out and remember how furious it made me. What is curious to me is that we're hearing nothing about it now. So for those of you who haven't seen Who Killed the Electric Car, here it is. Thanks Naj.


jmsjoin said...

Hi Utah
Funny you mention Naj! I have had trouble getting both of you to loasd today. I still can't load Naj but I have you.
I still can't read about the car but I believe gas interests alone kill any serious efforts for any alternative though I still have hope for hydrogen!
With the constraints of weight and how far a vehicle will travel on a charge as well as getting a charge pretty much make electric cars unfeasible ON A LARGE SCALE!

Utah Savage said...

Hi James. Sorry about the blogger problem. I always assume any problems are blogger's.

Madam Z said...

They just *thought* they had killed it! I foresee a resurrection in the not-too-distant future.

Of course, with the direction the world economy is taking, we may be returning to the horse and buggy, in the not-too-distant future.

Utah Savage said...

I ride well, Madame Z, so this would delight me. Good to see you. I'm embarassed to say I haven't been getting about much lately. I've had my own little dramas and illnesses. Small stuff, but added together the stress has laid me in my bed, across the room from my computer. Damn, I should have got the laptop.

Kulkuri said...

The ones that killed the electric car are the same ones that killed the street cars. GM and the oil companies.

Naj said...

:) I am happy that you had seen it; I figured you might as well have been amongst the protesters.

You know, to discontinue a line of product is one thing, to DESTROY every bit of its engineering documentation is another.

I wonder if you know about Canada's Avro Arrow project when American corporate interest annihilated a cutting-edge technology?