Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Friday Poem

Running The Maze

Daddy was an expert at driving the lab animals mad
It was his job, it was his passion. Daddy had talent for it.
Daddy married a woman with a pretty child and no maternal
Instinct drove them to it. Unhinge that child Daddy, see what
She can take. The little whore becomes your slave until she is
Too old. Unhinge that child. What is she but a ticking time bomb?
Call her a liar and she becomes one, threaten the cage again, bind her
Mind with fear like Chinese women’s feet. Women are used to torture
The women her mother hates so much, apron wearing women, domesticated
Dumb cows. The girl will run the hamster wheel of repetition repetition repetition
Until she is the only one left alive. Alone at last. Talks about it like normal life, like
Normal life
Like Normal life.

2006, Peggy Pendleton


Anonymous said...

*dance* you've posted another one. You know how I like how you write. So raw and honest and not hiding behind words.Words that makes one think a long time after reading them!
'Mind like fear of Chinese women's feet' Love that, you.

Lisa said...

This is such powerful stuff, my friend.

Sherry said...

this is excellent.

Randal Graves said...

Now that's some good stuff.

Amos said...

Powerful. My heart bleeds for the little girl I once knew.

themom said...

Wow...sometimes you blow my mind. Excellent.

susan said...

I love the way the words and images morph. You do have a wonderful way with words.

an average patriot said...

That was excellent Peg Good one! By the way did you ever hear about your book?

Gail said...

Strong images - excellent flow of words that riddle through me like memories of cold.....cold attached to large cold hands.

You are the real deal.

Love Gail

Utah Savage said...

Thank you all for the kind words.

I've been shut down today due to painting going on.

James, the reviews are one post down. I was rejected. But it is only one rejection. There will be others. I'll survive.

Mauigirl said...

Your poetry is amazing. You really have a way with words, painting a picture.

El Vox said...

nice poems, u