Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh God My Aching Back, And Aren't Those Republicans Funny

A friend who lives in San Francisco came through Salt Lake on his way east. We stayed up late and talked, and then once he'd gone to bed in the guest room of the big house, I stayed up late too revved up to sleep. Then this morning he came out to the little house at 7:15. I never get up that early. So I rolled out of bed to have coffee with him and then once he'd hit the road, I was wired on coffee and ready to work.

I use muscle when brain would be easier. I've worked today on much less sleep than usual, but I've been thinking while I was working, so maybe tomorrow my fingers might not feel like clubs and I can type a post without wincing. Then maybe I can finally talk about Michael Steele's stupid speech today without falling off my chair laughing. Republican's "navel gazing?" Jesus, they don't even know what empathy means, how could they navel gaze? When have they ever been up for introspection? I bet a term like "navel gazing" makes most republican's cringe. And "The Honeymoon's Over!" They're going to take on Obama, that celebrity!

I've got to learn to wear work gloves when I work. I've treated my hands like they were wire brushes trying to get mineral buildup off the inside of the three sides of the swamp cooler, removed the old pads and replaced them. It's a dirty job and takes some muscle to get the grills that hold the pads in place out of the holes that hold the grills in place. Oh crap, I can't explain the way a swamp cooler works.

Now I have to go bandage my hands.


Steve said...

gloves=good when that much yard work is involved

Utah Savage said...

Steve, I know. I start on my way to do something else and get distracted and end up going at it bare handed. I'm soaking my hands in body butter.

Lisa said...

Remember those gloves! I forget all the time. Or when I do remember can only find one glove of the pair.

The idea of dough white male republicans navel gazing just made me feel kind of sick.

Beach Bum said...

Michael Steele is an embarrassing joke. His recent speech about opposing gay marriage because of the burden it would put on small businesses was a strange romp through an alternate reality.

If, as he claims, the Obama honeymoon is over my president can sleep a good bit more secure tonight that he will be in office until 2016. Maybe by then VP Biden will be house trained and able to speak without having to worry about athlete foot infecting his mouth. And I write this even though I like the guy.

I have to wear gloves pretty much all the time when I'm at work. I should use them more at home working in the yard as well.

Utah Savage said...

Wow, Lisa, your new photo is fabulously lovely. I have a hard time seeing you treating your hands like this since you actually have manicured nails. I should wear gloves all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME, since my hands look so bad. I haven't given their appearance a second thought in so long so I have grubby old lady hands--not unlike grubby little girl hands only with ropy veins, sun damage, and shredded cuticles. Funny, now that I don't care anymore, my nails grow. But when I did care they were like brittle paper.

Glad to see you out and about. Get your ironing done?

Beach, Yes, Michael Steele is the man, the other man with the foot-in-mouth disease and the only republican whose navel isn't pasty white.

Actually I'm quite happy with the progress Obama is making, considering the magnitude of the problems he's dealing with. And I'm even happy with Pelosi. She's a cagey broad and I thinks she's playing those guys and she's probably got a really good hand. She would not be going on Maddow's show and speaking so precisely and carefully about what she knew and when she knew it if she wasn't certain she was right. I'm waiting for the wagering to build until the pots pretty rich and then we'll find out that Nancy was right about those top secret briefings and what was said when.

And Harry Reed is a mealy mouthed Mormon. The church owns his stones. He isn't a real democrat. Why the hell does he get to be majority leader of the Senate? It must have been slim pickings.

Fran said...

Funny, they are in a sick make it stop kind of way.

Take care of 'dem hands!

Lisa said...

Glad you like the new pic! Manicured nails? Me? I wish.......

Spadoman said...

Too bad I didn't live closer, I'd have come over to help out with that swamp cooler. I know how they work. I lived in that arid climate myself at one time, (Grand Junction, CO) I was out in the garage loading tools and stuff to go help my son-in-law today. I put on my work gloves, (I keep right by the back door on a little ledge). I finished and had a few minutes before I headed out. I came here and read about you and the gloves. Ironic to me.
The republicans? Or rather, politics, politicians and pundits? Can't stand the lot.
Have a good day Ms. Savage.

Kulkuri said...

The Repukes are looking forward??? If that's the case, why did he keep bringing up ST. Ronnie and others from the past??

I know how swamp coolers work, had one when we lived in Tucson and they are cheaper to run than AC.

Randal Graves said...

Trying boxing gloves. Imagine the ensuing hilarity!

I think Lisa fed LSD to her camera.

Utah Savage said...

I like the idea of boxing gloves, and I'm thinking you're right about Lisa and the LSD. Not at all like LDS.

Linda McGeary said...

Ouch, sounds painful.
Yard work and maintenance are always hard. We have to start going after nap weed in our backyard. Every year there are less and less of them, but it has been a real battle. And if other yards are infested, you have to be constantly vigilant not to let them come back into you yard.