Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cold and Rainy Memorial Day

This is a sight I've never seen on Memorial Day in Salt Lake unless someone went to a party and left the water on outside. It's 53 degrees outside mid-day and I'm trying to keep the house warm because it's supposed to get really cold tonight. A week ago it was early Summer, now it's mid-Spring. This photo is the concrete floor of the gazebo mid day.

It was pouring when I made the dogs go out this morning and Marley never left the covered porch. I had to go out and sit on the bench under the pine trees and wait for Marley to pee. So Marley peed at my feet. Good enough. We came in and Marley disappeared for a minute. Then Cyrus got up and gave me a look like, "What have you done?" I looked over the side of the bed and there was a Marley turd right at the back of Cyrus's bed just where his bum would have been had he been asleep. Marley had tried to trick me into believing that Cyrus was the bad dog, not Marley. Marley got dumped outside along with her turd and left to wait it out while I cleaned Cyrus's bed. It's been one of those days.


Lisa said...

I'm growing very fond of that scamp Mawley.

Utah Savage said...

Any dog who can crap in the house and blame it on that other dog is almost too smart.

yellowdog granny said...

that's funny..sorry..but i have a cat that pees and poops on my lap so some one else having pet problem makes me giggle.

Utah Savage said...

Lisa, you like Mawley because now you're not the only one with a diabolical floor shitter.

YDG, I had a twenty year old cat that started crawling into my lap every morning and taking a piss. I called my vet and he said, "Your cat has dementia and this is her way of telling you it's over." Is your lap pissing cat real old?

SaoirseDaily2 said...

So that is where our normal crappy Memorial Day weather went. Since I've lived here it normally rains but it was in the low 80's yesterday. That Mawley is a sneaky one.

themom said...

Oh what a sly little pupy Mawley is. I'm sure Crus gave her the "like she's really going to believe you" look. It rained like a bitch yesterday evening the point of flood warnings. Today is a wait and see matter. Relax and enjoy the day.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Happy Memorial Day. Hope that rain has moved on. I have tagged you with a small meme where you add the next question. Come also and enter my contest.

Gail said...

Hi there-

the love ad humor in your telling of Mawley and Cyrus is heart warming - despite the turd! :-)

We have decided to be "pet-grandparents" for now - friends come and visit with their cute little whatever type dogs and we frolic and play and then they go home. Ever since Harley had to go to sleep forever a few months ago, we can't seem to find a dog to replace him.

Love ya

Fran said...

We did not make it that far.... a friend invited us for a bbq, but the husband was not in the mood. He is doing a temporary stint doing inventory for the company that laid off 2200 workers & filed for bankruptcy & dumped all their health care.
Hard to go back to that place & he had to go back for a 3rd week. Turned out just as well.... my 20 year old took himself on a 100 mile bike trip to the coast.
Blew out a tire & valve with no spare.... so he "humbly called" for a ride home. It was 25 miles from my place to where he was at. I had told him to call if need be.
I thought he was traveling w friends.... so surprised to hear he went solo.

He was more than happy to come to our place for a meal of leftover grilled chicken, steamed red spuds & a mountain high plate of salad. He made it all disappear. He's long & lean burning a lot of calories!

So I guess we had our own little get together by default?