Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conyers, What the Hell Are You EATING?

I stole this from my close personal friend Andrew Malcolm, highly esteemed blogger for the LA Times, and twitterer extraordinaire. And as Andrew has so rightly pointed out, one glimpse of Holder's face says it all, "WTF?" is what I imagine him thinking. Add your own caption.


Dusty said...

Conyers is an old fart..sorry but he is. He should of retired a long time ago along with Byrd and a few others.

Utah Savage said...

Do you think he was just chewing his false teeth? WTF? I didn't see him take a bite of anything.

BOGUS said...

Don't you guys get the psychological message? He's about to 'eat' Holder. FF to the end to see Holder speechless.

Hoorah for Conyers!

He knows a John Mitchell obstructionist type, straight up, when he sees one.