Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm The Very Picture of Sloth

Greed:Very Low


Wrath:Very Low

Sloth:Very High

Envy:Very Low


Pride:Very Low

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The reason I've posted this is that after nearly a month of avoidance I'm now cleaning my house. Then I'm going to therapy. Pictures later.


Connecticut Man1 said...

I think I would worry more about these rankings than the Technocrati ones... lol jk

Paul C said...

I scored very high on gluttony, wrath AND sloth.

Yet, in the last 24 hours I've had no sleep; little food; no alcohol or drugs.

I've written thousands of mostly angry words and at 7.00am eastern Australia time I've just completed an hour's house-work after no sleep last night. Becoming an officially (VERY low) paid writer next month has gone to my head. Last night I felt I had to edit half of what a real editor had already edited.

Maybe it is time to have my Lithium and Epilim blood level tests done; what do you think, Utah?

More coffee and cigarettes or a hot bath and 3 100mg Seroquel with warm milk? LOL?

yellowdog granny said...

Greed: Low
Gluttony: Low
Wrath: High
Sloth: High
Envy: Very Low
Lust: Low
Pride: Very Low
basically i want to kick ass but im too lazy..hahah

themom said...

Hey - I'm ALL for sloth. It's just another talent, right??? I figure as long as you do it well - it will have its rewards. LOL

Beach Bum said...

As I expected, I went into orbit on lust.

Which dovetails me into those freaking erectile dysfunction commercials. I hate those damn things with all those middle age couples that dance around looking longingly into each others eyes slowly making their way to a private place. The problem? Well, if you have ever read my stuff on a regular basis it would be easy to figure out.

At least the side benefit of not being part of one of those couples is that I started writing which was something I always felt like I should do but never could find the time. Shit, if everything stays like it is now, which is a very good bet, I'll be freaking Hemingway in a few years.

Utah Savage said...

Beach, you're well on your way past Hemmingway. Pappa wasn't my favorite writer. I like you better.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I scored high on greed, gluttony, lust, and pride.

Sloth was very high.

Wrath and envy were low, with envy the lowest of the two.

This is about the most accurate "online test" I have taken so far. Which is why I posted it.

Anonymous said...

Slothful girls I think are always the most fun. But that's coming from a lustful glutton swollen with pride !

kathleenmaher said...

I keep up with these 7 sins, because my parents are still devout Catholics.

Sloth no longer rates in modern times. Originally, it meant sadness or despair, which interfered with the very short-lived slaves' duties. Much later sloth went through a rather romantic, melancholic phase. Dante clearly overstated the case. Sloth is now equivalent to anxiety and uneasiness of the mind, which we might think of as enriching the soul rather than shriveling it. Certainly, it's no great cruelty.

And at first gluttony was focusing on food instead of God, because in the desert nobody got enough to eat. Gluttony was eating too daintily or expensively as well as eating in a boring manner. Boring, when the choice was locust, honey; honey or a few more locusts.

Lust, too, was totally different. (Sex was just plain dangerous and made for very short lives for women.) Pre-14th century (if you can stand me another second), lust equaled extravagance--undo luxury--or showing off. So beware of those over-the-top entrances, Utah.

kathleenmaher said...

A nice, long lesson from me: okay perhaps less interesting to you than to me, but what can ya do? And finally,what's this last, little abomination you're planning? CLEANING?
Dust is your friend, UT; a drifting cushion filled with all your past magic, filmy spirits, shadowy delights.
While dirt, of course, is of the utmost historical importance. You are robbing archeologists of the mighty Utah Savage's day-to-day adventures; how she lived; and affected so many others' lives.
For therapy you have all my blessings. Therapy I approve of entirely and could not, would not, live without it.