Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a Good and Lazy Dawgs Life Friday

Well for one thing, Marly slept through the night. I woke up with Marley snugged into the bend of my knees. When I woke Marley up she acted groggy. Nothing like a good night's sleep. Outside Marley and Cyrus did their business, and the kids next door were out getting ready for a camping trip to the desert. They heard me talking to the dogs and came over to the tall wooden fence between our yards. Three little voices said, "Peggy, open the window in the fence??? They are four year old twins, Franny and Ruben, and six year old Alvin. The window in the fence was made by the woman who used to own their house. She had Yorkies that were the worst behaved dogs I've every had the displeasure to meet, but my good old dog Lucy, a black Chowbradore, loved the Yorkies, so my neighbor hired someone to make a tiny gate with a lock on my side so Lucy could come visiting. It was too high for the Yorkies to get to my side but perfect for Lucy to jump through. I open the window in the fence and the three kids next door met Marley. They called her Mawley which I like even better than Marley. So now I'm calling her Mawley. Sounds very Bostonian. Mawley gave Ruben a kiss on the mouth and barked at the other two. Now Ruben feels very special.

We have had a succession of visitors including a Chihuahua named Segman, a golden Spanial named Bumper (we call him Boompere) and the dogs from the front house, Roscoe and Tassman--the two very big male yellow Labs. So for a couple of hours there were six dogs visiting. Mawley acted just like a calm, normal, happy, big dog who knows this is her house and yard and I am her mama. I was so proud. The Chihuahua had his nose out of joint because, until now, he was the special one in the crowd over here, but today, Mawley was the special one. Poor Seggy.

I had my breakfast of cantaloupe and cornbread around noon with my second bowl sized cup of espresso and organic milk with a tablespoon of sugar. Oh yes, I'm still hooked. And then I went grocery shopping. Had lovely interactions with everyone I saw. How nice it was not to hate everyone in the store. I found everything I wanted and more. Good buys on good healthy food. I am stocked except for the olive oil I forgot. I took a list but never looked at it. Mawley and I will walk to the store tomorrow. It will be good for us.

My groceries are almost put away and Cyrus is curled up on the dog bed beside my chair. Mawley is chewing on one of those giant rawhide bones Cyrus nurses for a couple of days and then discards. There is a small collection of half eaten giant rawhide bones tucked between his big round bed and the old dog bed that he uses as a pillow and hiding place for treats he's hoarding. Cyrus watches Mawley and all but shrugs. He could care less. We're all so relaxed and happy. It's a very good Friday.


Beach Bum said...
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Beach Bum said...

How nice it was not to hate everyone in the store.

I'm at that point myself right now. I can't think of an adult I'm around at work that I would piss on if they were on fire.

Miss Wiggles and I are leaving for the beach in about an hour and we are leaving Dragonwife at home. See you Sunday.

yellowdog granny said...

i love it when you go shopping and meet all the nice people..i love it can see the same people every day and they still hug you when they see you...
before i moved from my little house to the old farts retirement apts i had a fence between my yard and my neighbors..and they had a little boy who loved me...he would be out there in his little pull ups with both hands on the gate yelling'jacksue..led me in'..shaking the gate like a little monkey..he'd come over and stick his finger up baby's nose(baby being a gigantic great dane) and make me laugh..ha
have a good weekend.

Thorne said...

What a great bunch of big dogs! I have had a couple of small dogs, but generally prefer big dogs. Looks like you have your hands (and heart) full with these babies! It's good to see your good, woman!

Anonymous said...

Every good dog is a lazy dog, and vice versa!

sunshine said...

I'm so glad that Mawley is settling in so well. You are such a good Momma!!
We're off this afternoon to check out doggies at the pound.. :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Sherry said...

there's not much better in life. i'm so glad you are enjoying.

i love the doggy door thing.

Amos said...

Thinkin the Savage is losing her grip on Peggy. OUT BLACK SPOT!

Utah Savage said...

Amos, I wish that were true. I manage to have my sweet moments, but my sour moments are just as savage as before I wish that savage beast would die, but she's still hanging on.

Utah Savage said...

Beach, pretty much any day I can go out in public and not hate anybody is an amazing day. And Mawley hasn't crapped in the house.

YDG, it's true, there is nothing better than to go out into the world and find it filled with nice people. What a shock.

Thome, See, I can have a good Friday.

Jang-chub Ozer that is exactly how it goes in my lazy life.

Sunshine, pound doggies are precious.

Sherry, it's been a really good day, but I will have to read my post again to find a doggy door. I'd put in a real doggy door, but i have a metal security door on the other side of the wood door, so I'm stuck having to open the door for the critters.

Mauigirl said...

Sounds wonderful, what a lovely dog post. Our Diva had a good day today consorting with other dogs because our next-door neighbors are taking care of the two dogs that belong to the neighbor on their other side, whom Diva never gets to meet up with because the female, Violet, tends to be feisty and we don't take a chance on them meeting on a public street. But through the fence it was great! She and the other two ran back and forth, barking and playing through the fence and eventually they were all pals. Lots of fun today with the dogs here too!

Spadoman said...

Wish I was one of yer dogs.I could get my paw goin' just thinkin' bout gettin' my ear scratched.

Hope your weekend and everyday is good.

Peace to all.

Randal Graves said...

Don't completely abandon the hate. I don't want to come here for campfire singalongs and milk and cookies. Well, the latter is fine.

Utah Savage said...

Well, Randal we do have a fire pit. Where else are we going to get rid of the men who venture back here?

Peace and love to the rest of you.

Lisa said...

I love the doggy dynamics. Most people would miss those things, Peggy, but you're very observant.

And there's something oddly comforting in knowing that you still eat cornbread and cantaloupe for breakfast.

D.K. Raed said...

wish I had more socially acceptable dogs. mine are terrible with other dogs. maybe it's a territorial thing. guess I should be glad they love humans so much. your new doxie is a heart-breaker!