Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Love

It is her image of herself as better than us all
We mortal daughters , imperfect, malleable, left
Like a poorly smithed shoe leaving a limping foal
Always wanting more than she was willing to give
Sold cheaply for a reputation as a good horse trader
To the man in the white coat and hat with the PhD,
The country club, the Cabin in the Private Gated Canyon
So exclusive were you that you would never let yourself in.

Peggy Pendleton


Doc said...

Ms. Savage, it is truly a pleasure to find my way here, and I mean that. You left a comment on Bub's Sprawling Ramshackle Compound about adding Flannery to your blog roll. After reading the first couple of your posts, I think that the two of you would enjoy swapping stories and reading each other's stuff. I know, I'm her husband, Doc.

She writes at:

I'm over at:

Forgive me, as I don't know how to write in links in the comments section.

I'm looking forward to stopping back by to read your next installment.


Utah Savage said...

Doc I've just added Flannery to my feed so as she posts the will rise to the top and I won't miss a thing.

I don't know how to link an http in a comment either. So, you and I probably have more than just that in common. I get to you later, but soon later, like later today. Glad you're here. How about becoming a member of the followers club? Got one of those gadgets at your place? If so, I'll follow you, too.

susan said...

I liked this one too and the last line is a killer. yow.

To add a link to a comment is the same as when you post one in the body of your article (or whatever we call them):

word/name It must be easy if I can do it :-)

Utah Savage said...

But Susan, in the body of a post when writing it in edit mode, I have a little link icon that looks like a link in a chain. When posting comments there is no such gadget. So what you've just done seems like magic to me.

La Belette Rouge said...

I rarely know what to say in response to poetry but I can tell you I can feel the irony of this title.

It is so true that these kind of mothers even withhold from themselves. Sad.
Hugs to you, sweets.