Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Strong Cup of Coffee

A strong cup of coffee

Awarded by
to Utah Savage

Thank you Spadoman. I am touched by this award, as bracing as the coffee I drink every morning. It comes with no strings attached, no chores to do, no obligations. This is an award I can embrace, and it will always give me a jolt of energy to see it here. Blessings like this make life a momentary pleasure that can be repeated whenever the need hits for a cuppa Java.


Lemmy Caution said...

I start EVERY day with an entire pot of hot BLACK coffee. A needed jolt to tired bones.

Utah Savage said...

Lemmy I think this is the best award ever since I start every morning with two huge mugs of espresso, hot milk and a tablespoon of sugar. Plus this award doesn't come with any rules or instructions. It is just a simple gift from one blogger to another.

themom said...

No rules, no instructions and a java boost - what more could a woman want?? You are the bomb-diggety!

Beach Bum said...

As a kid I use to wonder about grown-ups and their addiction to morning coffee. It was nasty and hot drinks just seemed bizarre to me. Now I don't feel alive until I have had at least two cups of coffee in the morning so strong that it looks like syrup.

Utah Savage said...

Hi Mom, you know me so well. I do love the no rules/no obligation aspect of this lovely gift.

Beach. I haven't been out much lately because I've been a little crazy. And I sometimes save you up for a long, luxurious read. You have become the most incredible writer since first we met. I go back and read the posts I've missed. It always makes me happy to see your young soldier face in my comments thread. How about you do the "Show us your eyes" meme? Did you get tagged for that one?

Spadoman said...

May I be so bold and humble as to explain why I sent this gift to Ms. Savage. It IS a special gift. I don't just sit down and have a cup of coffee with anyone. I felt the urge to share one here.

I like coffee. One of my closest friends owns a coffee shop. He roasts coffee beans daily. I hung out there and learned a lot about coffee beans and their peculiarities. The best cup is one that not so much has the taste, texture, aroma and finish, but rather the ambience of the place where it is consumed is pleasant and you truly want to be there and consume it with a friend.
It is in this spirit that I give this. The real gift is for me as the giver, as the acceptance and acknowledgment a reward to cherish.


Randal Graves said...

No one's gotten the "Strong Line of Snow" award yet?

Utah Savage said...

Randal I dare you to make that award and pass it around. You will probably be less likely to share it and when you distribute it, it'll cost a bundle.

Beach Bum said...

Utah, no one hit me with that meme. To be honest writing, or the lack of it, has been driving me crazy. I have three stories growing moldy on my laptop. All started off good but a whole host of interruptions kept me from following up.