Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit
Assumed office
October 7, 1998
Nominated by Bill Clinton
Preceded by J. Daniel Mahoney
Born June 25, 1954 (1954-06-25) (age 54)
The Bronx, New York
Nationality United States
Alma mater Yale Law School (J.D.)
Princeton University (A.B.)
Religion Roman Catholic

She is of Porto Rican descent, and grew up in a tenement in the Bronx. She was born into a very humble background, yet managed to get a very good eduction. She is everything I want in a Supreme Court Judge. And when I first saw her name mentioned I let out a cheer. I have been hoping she would be President Obama's pick. This is the first news story I woke up to--her acceptance of the nomination. Next come the hearings. The Right Wingers will be going crazy trying to smear her in some way, but I don't think she'd have made it this far if she were smearable. She has everything that would make her a target for the White Men's Club that the justice system has always been. Now comes the swift-boating. Hang on Sonia is going to be a bumpy ride.


Dusty said...

I think Sonia is up to the fight.

Off Topic~Courts just upheld Prop 8, but the folks that got married before that fucking prop took effect can stay married..

themom said...

Heehee, Huckabee made a statement BEFORE it was announced regarding Sotomayor. He called her Maria and said she was a leftist. What an ignormaus. The some other conservatives are saying "she is not smart enough" and she is Obama's Harriet Myers. Let's see - she graduated summa cum laude from Princeton and Yale has held important positions and Karl Rove wants to say she's not smart enough. And the Dumbass Award goes to......

And to the California Supreme Court - what a bunch of garbage. Something needs to be done about those Mormons. (Sorry about your neighbors.)

The Peach Tart said...

You go Sona....hang in there against the ignorant primarily white guys who've been oppressing us for years....

on another note...so saddened about the Prop 8 post especially after my plea on my blog yesterday about gay marriage for my daughter.

Utah Savage said...

Dusty, boy do they know how to take the joy out of any moment. First the thrill of Sotomayor's nomination, then the bottom falls out of that joy with the news that CA's Supreme Court upholds Prop 8. This will now require a legislature with the balls to rewrite the law. CA's lefties need to get organized and start building support. Also CA needs to get a liberal Gov who won't veto such legislation.

TheMom, the Mormons are the most fundie of all religions and I would think a case could be made that they are merely a well funded cult. But the reason they're so rich is the tithing they require, the land they own, their aggressive proselytizing all over the world, and the open and welcoming policy towards immigration. The Mormons offer sponsorship for any new converts from anywhere. Given that, I'm surprised we don't have more Hispanic and African converts who become citizens and then leave the church. And this is a theocracy. Utah is, as far as I know, the only true theocratic state government. Even the courts a packed with Mormons.

boukman70 said...

I can't really speak about the Mormons aside from having worked for Marriott Food Services back in college. Oh yeah, and our college basketball team had a couple Mormon players who would quit to go on Mission.

This Prop 8 shit is disgusting. I'm no Constitutional scholar or nuffin', but didn't Loving v. Virginia settle this stuff, like, 40 years ago?

As for Sotomayor, I came up with a nice, little conspiracy theory that I think the Right Wing will ultimately use. Please check it out.


Tengrain said...

This is a good call for the Carebear. I'm surprised.

Prop 8 - I'm not surprised. We'll git right on it.



Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

hey Utah!

I am back. Well, I was out of town for a bit and then internet went down, and I had finals, and...well, you know: life was all up in my bidniz....

But I got your comments and appreciate the loving concern. I will be posting again shortly, I just wanted to come in and giev you the green light alert: all is good i the neighborhood, just got smacked around with a bit of life stuff and didn't have the time to do the blogging thing. I am glad to have a blog pal around though.

Thanks for helping me feel special.

PS: the suit and tie in the school board meeting, as well as the cross dress in a fundie church tied. I must begin planning for both now!!!!

Much love,


peppylady said...

Oh darn those right wingers.
I'm over from Linda's

Coffee is on.

Utah Savage said...

Peach Tart, I'm so sorry about this ruling on Prop 8. We need massive organizing. This ruling should be appealed to the big Supreme Court or new law written. It's crazy to say it was okay yesterday, but not today. I say we all move to New England or Canada or France.

Get 'em Tengrain!

Boukman70, I talked to you at your place.

Mr. E so glad to hear from you. I worried for awhile and then realized my worrying wouldn't make you hurry back. Glad you're well.

PeppyLady, It's always on here too. Coffee, that is.

Beach Bum said...

Sonia is going to back it through conformation and spend years pissing off Judge Thomas.

And maybe, if we are damn lucky, her conformation will cause Rush to have a heart attack. Yes, I wrote that.

Fran said...

Hello! I know nothing about the new Supreme candidate..... I did read she was appointed to the federal bench by Bush 41 back in 1991. Hmm should we dig deeper?

I saw she made a ruling against an abortion rights group back in 2002.

I dunno.

As for the California ruling.... I wonder if this was just a set up to open a segway into another lawsuit for equal rights?

They will let the 18,000 gay marriages stick, but anyone else can not get a gay marriage?

To have approved marriages for some & not others in the same state does seem inconstitutional....
so I really wonder if this is just a set p for the next lawsuit that will overturn the discriminatory measure???

One can hope.

yellowdog granny said...

i was very happy with his choice, but you know them bastids ain't gonna make it easy for her..

fairlane said...

Just what we need, another dame.

Hope all is well in Utah, although I've been there, and I know it's not.

Salt Lake is a hellish mixture of Smog, and White Ass People.

Utah Savage said...

Fairlane, welcome back! I could have made your Salt Lake visit a bit more civilized and lawless. But yes, a state full of dingy blonds.

Beach I agree about the delight she's going to experience pushing Thomas's buttons. God he's a moron. And I'm fairly sure she will be fully up to the task of standing up to Scalia. I would think it would not be easy to bully a Porto Rican woman grown up in the Bronx. She has to be fairly passionate in her convictions. He has no convictions unless it's about guns everywhere and traditional roles for women. Ruth will be so happy.

Fran you're right, I've seen the red flags fly up about her progressive bona fides. She couldn't be liberal enough for me. She will be a moderate. But a moderate on a Right wing court. Let the digging into her record begin.

YDG I like her because she's female and Porto Rican and from the Bronx. I like the idea of a smart, qualified women to keep Ruth company. This confirmation will bring out the worst in everyone. I'm going to enjoy the spectacle.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

I like her...I like her alot!!!

I think CA has started a sh.t storm with their decision on the ban. I can hear the lawsuits being filed by the thousands as I write this. Why can't they just get over themselves and understand equal means equal?

Hope you have a nice evening. Did your weather ever clear up?

Mauigirl said...

I was really pleased to hear she is his choice as well. I think he's been very clever to nominate someone whose background will make it difficult for the GOP to smear - I mean, Princeton and Yale Law? And yet she fills exactly the criteria he said he wanted in a justice.

Randal Graves said...

Up or down vote!

Rule of law!

Nuclear option!

Yabba dabba doo!

Tigger too!

DC is full of poo!

Utah Savage said...

Randal, you can really versify!

Mommy Lisa said...

I heard today that the key is there are EIGHT Republicans sitting now that voted for her previously and Bush Senior put her in for something...I looked it up a Federal Judge...

They(Republicans) do not want to risk pissing off the Hispanic community, so I think it won't be too bumpy - just drawn out.

Utah Savage said...

Dear Mommy Lisa, so glad to see you here. I hope you keep coming back with more good news.

Tom Harper said...

I hope the Republicans do try to derail her nomination. There might actually be a few women and Hispanics in America who don't hate the GOP yet. This is the Republicans' chance to send their own poll numbers plummeting even further.

Utah Savage said...

Tom, I completely agree. Sadly today, Newt walked back his comment that she was a racist. But let's hope the monster Rush keeps up the drumbeat. And republicans keep kowtowing to that bloated bloviating windbag.