Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Ads Are Gone But the Rain Is Back

Maybe there's a nice liberal advertiser out there that might be selling the work of Paul Krugman or Rajiv Chandrasekaran. I'd advertise for The Nation. But then I read Rajiv at the Washington Post, I follow Krugman's blog and I follow The Nation on twitter.

The only good thing about the wildly inappropriate google ads was the extreme cognitive dissonance. They were fun to make fun of. But I know for a fact that they drove readers away. I may be a whore, but I do have standards.

Susan's right. I said my goal for this year was to publish. I've been distracted from that goal.

Today my friend Z got some very good news relatively speaking. I do not feel so fragile and peevish today. I feel rather hopeful today.

The clouds are back and it's very rainy and cold here. So I'll either read and nap or sit here calmly working on those first three chapters. I'll publish the novel here again. But I won't stop looking for a place to really publish it. I think my poetry is a bit raw and hard. I have written quite a few poems lately. The short stories languish unfinished. I think they hold the best possibility for publication in a magazine or literary journal.

My third husband was one hell of a short story writer and I think all the stories he published were in quarterlies or literary journals at one university or another. Some of my stories are regional. I should start there. There was a time I swore I'd start at the top and work my way backwards, but now I see the effort it takes to put myself out there. I think I'll try to start small and work my way up. I know there's a flaw in my thinking, but I'll keep trying to reach the goal of publication this year. Time seems to be standing still and going at a horrifying gallop.


Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

Hey Ut Savage!

I am happy to hear some good news about your friend.

Here's one for the both of you to laugh: when wingnuts say words like "They hate us for our freedom", just think about how it makes sense if its freedumb. I hate us for our Free-dumb too!

Love and stuff.

PENolan said...

I read too many posts at once to comment on only one. Google ads didn't work for me either - a bunch of drug rehabs littering my blog for a crumby .001 cent per hit? No chance.
And no wonder you hollered at the folks at comcast with everything you've bottled up.

Getting published is on my agenda for this year too - and our year starts in June.

Naj said...

Utah, you have readers, please post this, I am sure many are watching what is unfolding in Iran on CNN ...

We need vigilance that neocons don't steal this

this statement of Mousavi is very very important

I am in San Francisco, and translated it for the world





Fran said...

Buh bye Google ads.... but the Sunday song you posted has a Medicare Google ad in the bottom as well!

Damn they are sure pushing that Medicare ins crap.

Dr. Zaius said...

The book Writer's Market is supposed to be good.