Friday, July 3, 2009

How Sane Do You Think I Am Twittascope?

My Twittascope: Gemini
Things slowly begin to come back into focus today, but it may take another day or two before you fully return to earth. But as the volume is lowered, you are tempted to turn it back up. When that doesn't work, a wave of fear or even desperation could provoke you to express feelings that might be better kept to yourself. There's no need to shock someone with your unconventional desires just so you can experience another adrenaline rush. Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jesus twittascope I'm a gemini, born in the year of the monkey. Cap that off with the fact that I'm bipolar and you have six of me living in here. What do you expect, balance? Get a grip! This is real life! I move from disaster to disaster throughout the day. So really, is this a reasonable request? I was raised to shock. Why do you think my mother taught me to smoke and mix cocktails at five years old? Snap out of it will you?


Paul C said...

"......I'm bipolar and you have six of me living in here."

I sure can relate to that.

For example, the manic and/or drunken Paul can be like a demon.

Doc said...

Mix cocktails? Want to get together? Flannery can't bartend for shit and inviting you wou be like have six more people at the party.


Utah Savage said...

Doc, great joke! Yea, I used to be fun at a party. Not so much anymore.

Paul, so hows that going?

Paul C said...

I sent you a couple of emails, Utah.

Utah Savage said...

Sorry it took me so long to get at the email, Paul. I was having my ass handed to me playing backgammon with Ms M. I must not be myself. Usually it's the other way around.