Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Morning After the Party

Cyrus and Marly have a little conversation under the picnic table. Everything is cleaned and cleared and we survived the Fourth of July. Oh the joy of a peaceful Sunday in the back yard.

Marley tackles her boyfriend Segundo. She likes rough sex. Humm. Wonder how it is I end up with a little dog who plays rough with the boyfriend? She chases him, throws him down and has her way with him. Atta girl Marley.
My friend T who lives three houses away brings her Chihuahua, Seggie over to play with Marley and then he goes home and sleeps it off. Not Marley, she goes off to dog park with Ms M and Roscoe.

Oh to be a dog and live with me.


themom said...

Sounds like "puppy heaven" to me. So happy all survived. :)

PENolan said...

Last night I was invited to a roof party to watch fireworks, but I ditched in favor of quiet.

I must be a difficult woman, too (re: your last post).

Glad your dogs are having fun

Utah Savage said...

This is the calm before the next onslaught for me. Thankfully I have therapy Tuesday morning.