Monday, July 27, 2009

My Daily Twitterscope

Others may be quite certain that you are lost in space today -- and they might be right. But it's probably more correct to say that you are detoured, for you really do know where you are and where you are going. You're not, however, aware of how you're going to get there. Don't pay too much heed of anyone who judges you too harshly now. Let your wounds heal on their own schedule. You'll still have time to reach your destination. Get your complete Cosmic Profile

I'm fairly sure there are those who KNOW that I am lost in space everyday, but compared to many of my "sane" friends I am incredibly grounded. Yes, it's probably true that dingbats attract dingbats, but I swear I know some of the nuttiest people who are thought to be completely normal, whereas I am known, especially by myself, to be nuts. I do avoid relationships with other mental patients. I have enough problems with my sane friends. But at least one of my sane friends (Z) has eight, yes, that's 8 friends who are bipolar. That qualifies her for the loony bin to my way of thinking. I have met a couple of her other bipolar friends, and I wouldn't let them in my house if they knocked on my door and asked for a drink of water. Heartless? Maybe. But what is it that would make a fragile woman surround herself with so many people who obviously need help? Yes, some of us can be quite charming for minutes on end, but her other bipolar friends, with the exception of me, are non-compliant bipolar patients who refuse to take their meds and who engage in shrink-shopping--looking for a therapist who will give them a kinder, gentler diagnosis.


themom said...

The words "SHIT MAGNET" come to mind at first blush. I have always considered myself one at times. Lately, not so much as I have become more of a homebody. When I dealt with the public in the retail industry - I felt that I was deemed everyone's personal bartender at times. I would start getting calls at home for some of the whiners, and had to more or less change my personna to avoid those situations. Now I consider myself a blog nut.

My actual goal in life is to ECCENTRIC! I'm working on that.

Utah Savage said...

Shit magnet works for me. And I too am a shit magnet. I too am working toward the goal of being thought of as eccentric. One of the things I loved about Santa Barbara, was it's celebration of the eccentrics who made up a great deal of it's older population.

Thorne said...

You know, my late husband used to say (lovingly) that I was a "freak magnet". But he really meant it in a nice way... we talked about it. He believed (as do I) that it has something to do with being very accepting and non-judgemental. I think it's cool, as long as I'm not all co-dependant in the friendships and set my boundaries. Admittedly, it took me awhile to learn to do this.

Randal Graves said...

If you ever get lost in space, don't worry because Dr. Smith prefers little boys.

Lisa said...

Charming for minutes on end! That's the kind of line that will send me into gales of laughter that I cannot explain.

Perfectly sane people are boring as all hell.