Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking A Day Off

Well, I'm sort of taking a day off. I woke up limp as a dishrag. I can't quite get my brain working, so editing is out of the question. I miss visiting you all and if my brain comes back online today that's what I'll be doing. Until then I'm just going to lie in my bed and drift in and out of sleep.

I have an appointment with my doctor Monday at 10:00. I've got a feeling the heart rhythm drugs aren't working as well as they did to control the a-fib. If I had money to wager with, I'd wager that I have an ablation in my future.

PS, if you're bored and came here looking for a little entertainment, might I direct you to the novel, Maggy, or the short stories, or maybe a bit of poetry? Don't forget to leave a comment. They are every so helpful to the creative writer.


themom said...

Take that chill pill and enjoy the bed. You have had such heaping helpings on your plate of is time to indulge yourself. We know you haven't abandoned us at all. :)

Tengrain said...

OK, Utah, but only under one condition.

Sleep well,


Fran said...

Oh Dear! Hope a day of R & R has you feeling better.
* Fluffs pillow *.......
Cyber hug your way

Gail said...

Hi Utah-

Or drink alot.

Love and peace

enigma4ever said...

hugs lady...take be good to you..

susan said...

Oh, I do hope you're feeling better soon and that the Portland heatwave hasn't reached there yet. Enough is enough, my friend.

Freida Bee, MD said...

I hope your day was very restful. I have napped the past two days and felt very tired. It's kinda nice to let go of the expectations we have for ourselves from time to time.

Randal Graves said...

You can't fool me. You've got the weekly Magical Underpants Pancake Breakfast to attend, don't you.

Suzan said...

Hope those Magical Underpants improve your ambience today, Utah.

Rest up!

It's good for you and will help you come back even more creative and strong.


Naj said...

have you forgotten me Utah?!

Saoirse in Spokane said...

You deserve the rest.

When you are back I have a new blog.

Hope you visit and let me know what you think.