Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've Become a Bengals Fan

I know, Randal, it's just unbelievable. But I've been feeling a little mean and snarly. And in this feelingstabby phase, I've started to watch the Bengals on HBO.


boukman70 said...

But ... but ... they SUCK!!!

Utah Savage said...

That might be what I end up liking about them. They try hard to SUCK!!!

Suzan said...

You are a baaaad girl, Utah!

I saw it and passed it by last night (in favor of High Society).

Lots less sucking.


Utah Savage said...

Susan, I've seen High Society so many times I have the dialogue memorized. But I haven't watched football in years. However you are right, boredom made me do it.