Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Healthcare Story and the Insurance Company That Bankrupted Me

United Healthcare was the insurance company I bought coverage from. I was considered contract labor so I had to provide my own healthcare. United Healthcare was the only insurance company providing coverage for individuals at the time I needed coverage, so they had a monopoly and could and did charge exorbitant rates. My coverage started at $325 a month one person and increased every four or five months. I got sick and needed tests. My insurance went up to $500 a month. I got a diagnosis they didn't like and my premium doubled. I couldn't afford $1,000 a month for coverage of just me. And every time they raised my rate they raised my copay and deductible. Every charge was denied and had to be fought. I couldn't work because I was too ill. I couldn't fight with my insurance company because I was too ill. I didn't have to money to keep paying $1,000 a month while refusing to cover anything. Then I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and they dropped me. I was hospitalized for two weeks and put on four very expensive drugs. My only option then was to put medical charges on credit cards. I was late with a payment, my interest rate doubled. I got behind on making my minimum payments and the credit card companies came after me. After two years of struggling to make minimum payments while being called a deadbeat twenty times a day by the credit card companies I filed for bankruptcy. Finally I applied for disability. It took two years to get disability, but finally I had coverage for my medical treatments and prescriptions. Medicare has never questioned a test, or change of medication, or treatment by a specialist or a drug order. This is the public option I want for all of you


La Belette Rouge said...

I hope with all my heart that Obama can get insurance for all through. I have to say that I doubt it. The mood about this topic continually surprises me.

AArdvarker said...

what a nightmare that must have been for you.

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks at this story.

I have refused to seek medical care for fear of having a "diagnosis" listed that will prevent me from getting insurance in the future. I went without insurance while divorcing -- working two jobs that totaled more than full time, but neither PT job offered benefits -- and prayed I didn't step off a curb the wrong way and break a leg.

I too pray that we can have a viable public option that is national, affordable and not linked to employment.

But we have to do more than pray and hope. We have to call, and write, and talk and talk and talk to our neighbors, friends and relatives to explain and debunk the crap the wing-nuts are shouting.

Sorry to hi-jack your comments. I might have an opinion on this one. ;-)


Watson said...

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