Friday, September 25, 2009

Grotesque, Unprecedented, Bizarre, Unbelievable.

You guessed it. I'm talking about Sarah Palin. Those words were used to describe her "speech" in Hong Kong by attendee Robert Fisk.

"There'll be one or two self-deprecating remarks, a reference to healthcare, taxation, out-of-control spending and a poorly told joke,"

To prove her shining Republicanism, Sarah quoted Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. She quoted Lincoln. She quoted Thomas Jefferson. History and common sense were not on the side of liberalism and "utopian pipe dreams". But there'd been progress. In the past, we had the "horse and buggy business", she said, then Ford came along with the motor car and the kids sat singing in the back, but now the kids have headsets. And what happened to the Reagan legacy? "Many Republicans in Washington gambled it away."

She talked, of course, about the infamous "death panels" – a big smirk here from Sarah – and "market-friendly responsible ideas" (this must have been the speech-writer) and offered slippery advice: "We can responsibly develop our resources without damaging the environment."

She spoke too fast. She gabbled her words. Scatty was the word for it. We slalomed between the fall of the Berlin Wall, the break-up of Yugoslavia and 9/11. Then it started. The war on "vicious terrorism", the war against "violent fanatics who wished to end our way of life", our battle against "radical Islamic extremists" with "twisted vision". This was not a clash of civilizations but "a war within Islam". We slalomed again. Asia – "what an amazing place!" – was at its best "when it was not dominated by a single power".

What on earth was happening? Had Sarah just looked up from her podium and seen China? Addressing what was surely the neo-conservative wing of the Republican party, she could not "turn a blind eye" to Chinese policies that created "uncertainty", which supported "questionable regimes" and "made a lot of people nervous". America wasn't going to impose its values on other countries, but America was going to have to "ramp up" its defence spending.

I would have run screaming from the room, blood pouring from my ears. But there is this last tidbit from Mr Fisk: "Then family again. "I have a husband," she said. "I think I could have used a wife. He's awesome." This really floored the Chinese. Poor Todd."


Randal Graves said...

I can see your blog from my house!

Lockwood said...

Thanks for that, and for the link; I had been looking for a report from someone who was actually there, rather than reports cobbled together from miscellaneous remarks. I guess I'm not surprised at the tone and the quotes. But one has to wonder... it sort of seemed to me, as Bush wound up his eight year reign of error, that he began to realize what an enormous fuck-up he was, and might have even begun to feel a little shame. Perhaps over the next eight years enough will penetrate Caribou Barbie's bubble that she too might realize what a fuck-up she is.

Yeah, right, I know. But I can dream.

Utah Savage said...

Randal, yeah, well, it is quite a fantastic and large blog and I do have missiles aimed at your blog.

Lockwood, I'm glad I could provide the link to that great article. I found it on twitter. I keep telling you guys what a great place twitter is. That is when I can take time away from twitter to bother to post. Actually I'm having to tear myself away from twitter to rewrite my novel. Twitter is some compelling shit.

Cat said...

Oh you have a way with words that just gives me fits of giggles - and the end was priceless.

zeppo said...

I felt I was entering another dimension. An alternative reality. Here I was, reading about a scrumptous recipe for peach cobbler and then I scrolled up I was confronted with the horrifying visage of one Ms. Palin. Ack!

You know, it occurs to me that peach cobbler is really MUCH better if you get halfway through making it, and then stop.

Jack Jodell said...

Sarah Palin wasted everyone's time and money in Hong Kong. Why? As expected, she had nothing of substance or value to offer anyone. Why? Let me list the ways...

Sarah Palin is undereducated, shallow, and horribly underread. She is impulsive, shrill, and immature. She is thoroughly self-centered and craves - no, LUSTS FOR - money and attention. She is evasive and dishonest. She is flippant and irrational, too. She is also an irresponsible quitter. It took her 4 different schools to get her easy degree---ol' ants-in-her-pants just couldn't stay focused long enough in one spot to get the job done. She stayed very briefly in her post-college jobs; and quit as Governor after half a term. She is lazy and undisciplined and cannot follow direction. She can dish it out, but can't take it. She is not capable of deep, serious reasoning and has proven herself unfit for elective office. Given her lack of discipline and inability to reason, would you hire her for ANY job? I certainly wouldn't.

Palin did absolutely nothing to advance economics or world politics in Hong Kong. She put on a political show for her own benefit and needlessly belittled our present administration on the world stage.

She is a total piece of shit.

Utah Savage said...

The really big question in this farce is why did they invite HER?

themom said...

OMG..did you see Paul Krugman on Rachel Maddow's show, critiquing Palin's comments? He was so funny, in his laid back way. He made some more comments on Bill Maher last night also. Basically, how waaaay off base Palin was, and her speech writer, "still doesn't get it!"

Utah Savage said...

Here's the problem with idiots like Palin: She makes idiots on the right feel good about their stupidity, so she is a fundraising bonanza for the GOP. So is that asshat who shouted "You Lie!" They are out-fundraising us all by a mile. I donated $15 today to the dems. Please pick your lefty cause or just the DNC and donate what you can, even if it's only $5.