Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Congressman Jim Matheson

I called your office a couple of weeks ago to express my hopes that you would support a public option as part of healthcare reform. The person who answered your phone in DC hung up on me the minute the words "public option" passed my lips. I was stunned. The next day there was a letter to the editor in the Salt Lake Tribune by a man who had the same experience. Unlike me, he kept calling back until he found someone who would answer his question, which was "Why would you hang up on a constituent calling to express their opinion?" He was told, that there were just too many calls coming in for a public option and that it had always been "off the table." My question now is, "Why did you run as a Democrat if you don't care that your Democratic constituents support a public option for health care reform?" It seems to me this is a slight of hand. You are not really acting like a Democrat. We already have two powerful Republican Senators who don't care what our wishes and concerns are. You ran for Congress in Utah's moderately liberal district as a Democrat, but you are not representing your constituents interests. I will be working very hard to find a liberal to run against you in the next primary. I will do all I can to defeat you even if this means voting for just another Republican. Better to have an honest enemy than a false friend.

Peggy Pendleton


an average patriot said...

Hi Utah
Hope that works out well with the Bob tests!

There are two economies as you know. The one the stock market belongs to is recovering. Our economy will not and both sides know it and act accordingly!

CDP said...

That's like the old story about how a person goes into a store and asks for purple socks or something, and the clerk sighs with exasperation and says "you're the 50th person who asked that today. We don't carry them because there's just no interest!" Hmm, Congressman, if all of your constituents are calling about a public option, maybe those constituents want it back on the table.

Fran said...

Kick ass & take names. You go girl!
While you are on a roll-- now's a good time to send a flurry of memos to Obama-- don;t be sending 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

Get an international humanitarian aid movement going on & get the hell out.

THAT'S THE CHANGE we voted for.
If we could not win it in 8 years, then it ain't going to happen.

End Bush's wars already.

The Peach Tart said...

Good for you. This has gotten ridiculous.