Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orrin Hatch Complains About Opt-Out

Sometimes it's hard to tell what Orrin likes because his voice is a nasal whine in the best of times. In the healthcare debate Orrin has sided with the big insurance industry's stranglehold on the country. But a weakened public option has him apoplectic. The idea that states will have the option to refuse the public option means any Republican Governor who decides to opt-out will be wildly unpopular with the voters, and this seems very unfair to Orrin.


diana said...

Hatch....old bag of wind, I can't stand listenin' to him

Anonymous said...

Please remember the old patristic system is in its death throes, so the reactionary dinosoars are clinging to a faint hope. Obama's election should have been a wake up call.

Fran said...

Ugh! It's late & I don't have 8+ minutes to devote to Orrin Hatch-- I will take your word for it he is doing the nasal whine thing.
I hate the opt out idea because it screws the people of the state while the politician has pockets stuffed w in$ lobby money.
Awww poor quandary for the money grubbing politicians who thought this was a game.
Well game over!

Maybe this opt out strategy is the perfect strategy to let anyone opposed tie the knot in their own political noose.

Well played. Tough tomatoes Hatch.... suck it up.

Turncoat LIEberman announced he;s joining a repub fillibuster against public option.

I hate Lieberman.

Now we are back to searching for one or more repugs w a heart.

Who know it would be sooo hard?
Maybe opt out will hit them where it hurts.

Turn the angry villager/voters on them.... free pitchforks & torches-- come & get 'em.

Kulkuri said...

Figures never lie and liars figure. I like the way he was pulling numbers out of his ass. At least he did admit that the reason for the Anti-Trust for the insurance companies was so they could get together to decide things.

The insurance companies have one helluva strangle hold on this country. I have never been able to figure out why the big corporations like GM, GE, Ford or any of the Fortune 500 hasn't pushed for a single payer system, it would save them tons of money.

jadedj said...

As my grandfather used to say, "bullshit, bullshit, it sounds like bullshit to me". That goes for Lieberfuck too.

I'm with Fran, couldn't take 8 minutes of this jerkwad.

Blueberry said...

"Opt Out option" will be very bad news for those of us with wingnut fringe governors like Rick Perry.

Ghost Dansing said...

i personally like the public option.... it is pure creamy goodness and Orin is an idiot.