Friday, November 13, 2009

The Gutting

I disembowel myself and splash
My innards across the clean white page
This is where I read my past for clues.

Will I marry well, win the lottery
Write a book that sees the light of day?
Will I ever stop slashing my veins this way?

I watch the news for hope and end up
In a wail of anguished, never ending cry
How could we wish to keep the power with the few?

Will the poor just vanish, will we disappear
Could we find a way to to make a space for fair?
Must those who have so little lose all but filthy air?

Would we the richest people on the earth allow it all
To vanish on a dare?


Samantha Thomas said...

"Would we the richest people on the earth allow it all / To vanish on a dare?"

Strange as it may seem, that's exactly how it appears, so far. You, me and an alarmingly small number of Human Beings would create another possibility. The game is on. Win or lose, it is worth playing.

Gail said...

Hi tah-

Our government has a unique and determined way of ridding itself, cleansing if you will, of populations that are just too costly to sustain: the mentally ill, the elderly, those on welfare, positioning drugs so to impact inner city ghettos and so forth - it is called 'EUGENICS'. And so it is true - the poor are vanishing. poof.

Hang on, lets all hang on.

Love and hope

MRMacrum said...

The poor vanishing? I think the numbers are growing, not shrinking.

"Must those who have so little lose all but filthy air?"

Apparently that is what many of them want, even if they don't think so. But then when times are tough, folks tend to follow the loudest voice shouting the worst fears.

Gail said...


I just wanted to 'splain' that by vanishing, I mean that the needs of the needy and most vulnerable are not being met and so they die off - the numbers may be increasing which only adds to the numbers being ignored and lost. I think we are saying the same thing just from different starting and or ending points.
Peace to you

susan said...

Oh my. That is a very beautiful poem. No wonder I like you.

Utah Savage said...

Thank you for the comments. I think my disemboweling myself in the last three posts has been very disturbing for a lot of people who would rather such things remain unexamined, unspoken, secret, dirty family linen should not be washed in public, but I think dirty linen needs a good public airing.

It's harder to ignore the poor, the elderly, the mentally ill, those dying with terminal illness, the hungry if we start to make some noise. I'm making my noise here and then linking it to the bigger public square of twitter where it gets picked up and broadcast in circles I don't inhabit.

Ghost Dansing said...

certainly disturbing for me.....

Beach Bum said...

How could we wish to keep the power with the few?

Well, in my opinion, as long as the masses are happy and dumb. Wouldn't do to have to much news about how things are going to shit. Better to keep running stuff about the lifestyles of actors, banal talk shows like Jerry Springer, and idiots on television complaining about socialism.

Mauigirl said...

Excellent poem, Utah. And yes, sometimes we all need to air the dirty laundry - because if we don't remind people of things in the past, we are doomed to repeat them, to paraphrase. I applaud your honesty on this blog.

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