Sunday, November 22, 2009

For My Friend Zelita

Zelita Ann Biesele
11/06/1943 ~ 11/18/2009

Zelita was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, November 6th 1944, into a family whose love always sustained her. She died of cancer November 18th, 2009, in San Diego, California, at her oldest son's home surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Prior to her death, she made arrangements to have her body donated to the U.C.S.D. Medical School, setting a wonderful example for her friends and family.

Zelita was a lovely, kind, generous woman who made friends easily and kept them a lifetime. She was gifted in many ways, but friendship was an art at which she excelled; it was perhaps her greatest talent. We, who were lucky enough to say she was our friend, will never know another like her.

She was an early admissions student at the University of Utah where she was a Ballet Major. She had been a dancer in the Virginia Tanner Children's Theatre, with the University of Utah's famed Ballet School under the direction of W.F. Christensen, and then on to dance with the San Francisco Ballet Company. Zelita always retained that luminous grace, that lovely good posture, and the elegant willowy movement of a born dancer.

Zelita was also a visual artist who worked in oil paint, batik, silkscreen. She was a fashion and textile designer, a pianist. She could make anything including sails, she could reupholster a chair or build a deck. She could design as well as create. She was brave enough to tackle any job, hands on.

Zelita went to India in 1968 on a spiritual quest where she found her Guru, Master Maraji Charan Singh. She was a member of the spiritual community known as Science of the Soul. She spoke fondly its members and will be missed by this community.

She lived in New York for a time and then Hawaii and California for much of her adult life. She was a lifelong vegetarian, born into interesting times and she lived an interesting life always filled with love for her family and friends.

She is preceded in death by her parents, Mildred and Ferdinand C Biesele. She is survived by her Brothers Charles and William, her daughter, Aviva, her sons, Gabe, Angelo and Tobey, and seven grandchildren.

It was the love and support of her children and grandchildren which most enriched her life. She will be greatly missed by her lifelong friends, Martha and James Wolfe.


Nicki said...

I am so sorry for your loss... :( It sounds as though she lead a very full and interesting life.
Cancer is a horrible takes so many before their time. You are in my thoughts.

PENolan said...

Greatly missed by her best buddy Utah Savage, too.
I hope someone is nearby who can make sure that you eat enough and get some rest.

Comrade Kevin said...

I do not look forward to the time that I start losing my friends, but I hope when I reach that point that I can grieve and keep their memory alive within myself.

sunshine said...

Perfect. :)


Sherry said...

an amazing soul!

you were blessed and so was she by knowing you.

Steve said...

she sounds like she is an amazing person.
i am sorry for your loss but also very happy that you and Zelita were able to share this wonderful friendship

Oso said...

Utah Savage,
I am sorry for your loss,and sorry for her family's loss.
You are a good friend to her.

Madam Z said...

What a beautiful tribute! I'm sure Zelita's family and other friends appreciate your eloquent eulogy.

Fran said...

That is a lovely tribute.
A life well lived.... sounds like such a talented person. Glad she danced into your life & you spent time together this year & in better times.

Remember to take good care of you.

enigma4ever said...

very very beautiful ....thank you for honoring her...many sorry for your loss...namaste..

much light to you friend..

La Belette Rouge said...

My sincerest condolences to you and to all who loved Zelita. She sounds like she was an amazing and accomplished woman. I assumed that before I read this. Any friend of yours has be a wonderful person. I send much love and many hugs.

aviva said...

Thank you Peggy. It was good to see you and we all appreciate your beautiful words about Zelita. xoxo


Lisa said...

Oh, Peggy. My sympathies are with you.

Juliesupdate said...

I knew Zelita at the U. and we were amused that we shared Nov 6th as a birthday. I met her again a number of years later in the Bay area. I always wanted to connect with her again and did a search this AM. I'm left only with my memories of a lovely soul. thanks for posting such a very lovely tribute.

LeeAnn said...

I also did this search today and am saddened by the loss of a good friend. Zelita lived with our family in the early 60's and was a treasured friend to us all through the years. We knew her in California, Hawaii and Oregon over the years and will miss her spirit and friendship.

David Haas said...

I did a search and was saddened to find Zelita died. I knew her back on Lomi Farms and after that on Kauai. She was a classy woman in any circumstance.