Saturday, March 6, 2010


Here at the pulse where the blood brings a blush
Here at this tender spot
Here is the heat, the scent
Here the flesh awaits your
Here is where I want your
Here at the beginning


sunshine said...

Ooooo...very nice! :P


Utah Savage said...

Thank you my dear.

Gail said...

Hi Utah-

sensual and honest, love it "here"!


PENolan said...

Reminds me that Coco Chanel said to put perfume in places you'd like to be kissed.

Utah Savage said...

Gail, Hi! Yes, it is honest. Thanks for noticing. Odd how it is only the women I know with the courage to comment on these pieces. But men come along when I have an unrelated piece up and tell me about how they aren't like other men when it comes to porn and tell me what sensitive lovers they are.

PEN, Pulse points. I always took Coco's advise. I wish I'd kept the nock-offs I had and the spectator pumps and the great little bags. I still have the pearls in every length.

La Belette Rouge said...

A poem that is sort of a MapQuest to feminine pleasure. Lovely. I have known men, in the past, who needed a GPS to find "here".;-)

Ben Trovato said...

Here is to here!

Jennyablue said...

Here, an invitation to touch by senses. A lovely poem, indeed. ox

Utah Savage said...

Ben, though your comment is rather enigmatic, your courage must be noted. Every time I write anything remotely erotic or sexually suggestive or even just plain graphic, it is only the women who comment. Since you are the only man here, can you tell me why? Why do men avoid saying anything until I've moved on to another topic and then they tell me something that obliquely relates back to the sexy post, but only in ways that reflect well on themselves? Do I make you guys feel dirty, as if I will attack you, feel the need to defend yourselves? Can't we get a little give and take? Can't we have a little free flowing exchange of ideas or at least an expression of feeling?

darkblack said...

I ain't-a scared o' youze girls


'Why do men avoid saying anything until I've moved on to another topic and then they tell me something that obliquely relates back to the sexy post, but only in ways that reflect well on themselves?'

I'll attempt to field that if I may, dear Utah.
IMO, it's a self-perceptual division between sexes that goes right back to primary school, inculcated and reinforced by society and peers.

Responding to blog posts in a real, emotive way is akin to standing before the class and reciting an essay. Some take to it naturally, others become tongue-tied with fear.

Because boys (and men) are taught to hide their feelings by covering them over with behaviors like macho posturing, it's difficult to share these softer feelings, even in a faceless way - fear of criticism, rejection or ridicule is the jagged filter that catches the emotions in the throat and forces a stifling, or a emotional redirection to a perceived 'safer' place - in the case of blogs, an unrelated post.

Don't be too hard on us mere boys. Overcoming one's programming without a firm precedent to go by is harder work than being the President, sometimes.


Mauigirl said...

Mmmm, well said! ;-)

Utah Savage said...

Mauigirl, Mummm indeed, and I'm referring to Dark's comment.

Darkblack, thank you for clearing that up. I've never seen so many words from you at one time. You write as well as you read my mind. You write as well as you choose music. I wonder if everyone thinks the songs you've chosen for Sunday Overnight is just for them.

jazzolog said...

OK, I think darkblack has a good point. I'll go further.

This is the time of harassment. I've been written up for putting a hand of encouragement on the shoulder of a student teacher. In the words of the official record, I "shuffled" over to the girl to commit this predatory invasion. SHUFFLED. She got me for my age too. That professional who wrote testimony against me now works in the Gifted Program in my school district. Don't worry: at the hearing the Union made me strong. So we have to watch it.

Furthermore there sometimes are some tender feelings of sadness in these entries. I found this one very refreshing, stimulating, a waft of Spring in the air. But I hesitated...either to be funny (sex is SO funny) or flirty. I did so out of respect for the current hard times you've reflected. Rest assured dear Utah, you always strike the right note with this guy.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well, I've got here by way of Wulfshead...very nice adwork! btw, Utah!

I don't know how I missed this one. Generally it's by morning coffee & non-analogue smoke that I read up before shifting at my bench to pay my bills. I use the google reader to keep up ...missed out "here"...
Utah, I envy your sense of Here.
It brings me to the understanding that I'm not so well developed nor evolved. Sheltered, I am. Not a complaint or self pity,

Utah Savage said...

Jazzlog, thanks for further explaining the reason men avoid commenting on these kinds of posts. I'm sorry a pat on the back can turn into a harassment claim.

I'm planning to write a bit of erotica and I'd like male feedback as well as female. But I don't know how to make it "safe" for you guys to express your feelings about this kind of writing.

Gwendolyn, I'm glad you saw this at The Wulfshead. I was trying to post the photo on my place but for some reason couldn't. I then thought I went to my poetry blog but found myself at the Wulfshead without knowing it. I haven't posted at The Wulfshead in so long that once I discovered my mistake decided to just leave it there hoping no one would take offense.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

not a bit of offense taken (me) just the
Envy... LOL
It really is an exceptional poem Utah.

Randal Graves said...

Oh jeez. Everyone knows us dudes don't comment because you girls have cooties. Duh.

Utah Savage said...

Randal, Yur so immature!