Thursday, March 11, 2010

If I Should Lose You


jazzolog said...

Love the song! Charlie Parker used to like to play it. I'm particularly fond of the version by the Four Freshmen on their Latin album, with Laurindo Almeida accompanying. Their last 2 chords make me lick my insides.

Utah Savage said...

I love this song too. I went looking for the Charlie Parker version and couldn't find it. Same with the Four Freshmen version. So if you can find either version I'd love to hear it.

jazzolog said...

This probably will mean cash on the barrelhead, dear. You can get a snippet of the sound at these links, but you may need to buy these to hear the whole thing. Gasp.

The Freshman version is in a couple of collections, but this one looks the best~~~

You can get several different performances of Bird playing the song. It seems somebody was recording whenever he picked up his horn. I presume you know there was one guy who snuck into the club's restroom and pushed his recorder's microphone through an airvent out toward the stage. His bootlegs are considered state-of-the-art Parker. Anyway, here is a studio recording with strings~~~

Utah Savage said...

What with my new astronomical hospital bill, I'll be too poor to buy anything for quite awhile. Thanks for the tips.

Did you ever see a TV movie called Lush Life? Forest Whitaker and Jeff Goldblum played working musicians in New York who were best friends. Great movie with great a great jazz soundtrack. Best buddy film I ever saw.

jazzolog said...

Yeah, I figured. But it looks like I gave a bad link up there...the Freshmen one twice. This is for Bird with strings~~~

I hope.

Unfortunately I'm not a great fan of Clint Eastwood's movie about Bird. I'm very particular about how jazz is portrayed on the screen...and of course Clint should know. I think he might make it differently today. Anyway, the one I like is Round Midnight, with Dexter Gordon amazing the world as a very beautiful actor...sorta playing himself.

jazzolog said...

Auspiciously, Charlie Parker died on this day in 1955, in a room in the Stanhope Hotel in New York City. He was 34. His last job had been March 5th, at Birdland.