Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dirty Laundry

Friday the weather's going to be beautiful, but I'll be lugging five loads of drity laundry to a the Laundromat.  Next week I'll start looking for a newish washer and dryer.  I'll also be getting a line of credit against the house.  I'll have to hire help with the garden and yard this year.  Ms M, I miss you.  She was very helpful with the yard work.  The New Kids did none of the things they said they would.

I'm more interested in writing now than I have been in a long time.  Chapters are lining up waiting for me to catch up and be done with life's dirty laundry.  I want to go riding, so I'm taking one of my characters riding.  None of my characters wants to do the hard work of moving the pile of bricks from outside the back gate to inside the back gate.  It would be great exercise for my arms, but would kill my back.  I'm going to hire a couple of the young men from the Ward to help me.  One of my two Mormon friends in the neighborhood has given me phone numbers.  Slowly I move forward.  But only I can do my dirty laundry.  It can't be put off another day.


Beach Bum said...

We just bought another washer and dryer, the old washer had been leaking transmission oil for a good while and the dryer took forever to dry a load.

The new ones are cool, they each play an electronic tune when they start or stop doing something. I imagine before long the damn things will talk to us, that will freak me out.

What do you say to a machine that is washing your dirty underwear?

Connecticut Man1 said...

Beach Bum, I'd only worry about it when the machines get pissed at you and give you jolt from their anti-static ray gun because you forgot to sort the whites out.

I am putting off a tonne of yard work myself, Utah. But I am finding that procrastinating is hard enough work on its own.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

BB - I'd tell it to be quiet about it... they are

Utah, I have a next door neighbor who has taken pity on me and is doing my yard work for a 12 pack each time. The differences between south FL and SLC Utah, probably won't allow for that... am I right?

Teeluck said...

Mormons yeh say?? Don't they refuse to take orders from a woman or something like that?

Utah Savage said...

Beach I won't be buying the new front loading designer ones. No, I'll be buying the used and reconditioned ones. I can afford $500 for a washer and dryer but not $1,000. And I have no unmentionables.

Man1 Procrastination is starting to eat at me. I might mow the front yard just to humiliate the New Kid. I bet he's never used a lawnmower. The front needs curb appeal if I'm to rent it by the 1st of May.

Gwendolyn, From what I can tell, you arrange with the youth leader for male labor and they send the lads to you with instructions to charm the infidel with their sweet natures and hard work. Then I make a donation to the church. Hows that for slavery?

Randal Graves said...

I came here for some Don Henley and all I got was a post about filthy clothes.

Wait. You know Mormons that aren't lunatics? You lying liar of liarness.

Beach Bum said...

I have to admit, the washer now has some way of re-balancing a load so it runs evenly and doesn't jump all over the floor. I have to admit that is so cool.

Conn Man 1, Any trip to the ATM even now brings that fear.

Gwen and Utah,I have a true story about a strange pair of underwear I found here at the house once but that will remain secret.

Utah Savage said...

Beach you are a pretty baby holding a baby. How sweet you were. Don't keep tempting me with that fancy washer/dryer. I want them in red.

Randal, I may be the lying liar of liarness. But every word I say about the Mormons is true. But out of say, twenty houses on our block there are three that house Mormons. Since they're outnumbered on this street, we infidels must be charmed and wowed by their wonderfulness. I'm good with that. They have to work for it. And nobody's more plugged into the do-gooding of do-goodieness like the Mormons.